Hi, we are Steve & Jaime Geffner with Geffner Productions. We want to help you build relationships, create brand-loyalty and grow your business with video. We’re video marketing strategists and award-winning video producers. And we’re also the creators of the Relationship-Based Video Marketing Formula, helping business owners create brand-loyal customers using video.

We believe that every entrepreneur has a unique message to share, and a story that’s worth telling, about WHY they got into business, and what motivates or inspires them to get up every day, and do their great work in the world.

When businesses share that story powerfully through video, ideal clients will quickly understand exactly why your product or service is the right fit for them. They will feel instantly connected to you and your brand, and they will feel so incredibly grateful that they finally found you.


Our specialty, and what really makes us unique, is that we’re not just video producers, and we certainly don’t consider ourselves to be videographers. Yes, we film and edit professional videos with our clients, but we always take a strategy-first approach, because we believe that having a solid strategy is the only way to achieve real, long-lasting results when it comes to using video to market your business.

Whether you are a DIY entrepreneur who wants to learn how to make great looking, powerful, and effective videos all on your own, or if you’re someone who prefers to leave the video production to the professionals, so you can stay in your own zone of genius, we are here to help you! We have spent decades producing, filming, and editing thousands of videos, and strategizing about how to make great videos that produce results, and we absolutely LOVE to help business owners at whatever level they are at in their business.

Our greatest hope for our clients is that they stop settling for good enough… or for the mediocre results, they’ve gotten in their business in the past. That they see the possibility for what their business COULD look like if they were willing to step outside their comfort zone. We want to help your business become more visible, and finally create the type of impact you are really here to make.

Jaime Geffner
Jaime Geffner
Online Video Producer & Video Marketing Strategist

Before starting Geffner Productions, Jaime got much of her valuable on-the-job training and experience working for 5 years as a TV producer for the hit daytime talk show “Dr. Phil”.

Steve Geffner
Steve Geffner
Online Video Producer & Video Marketing Strategist

Steve earned his Radio/TV/Film degree from Northwestern University before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his TV production career, starting on the Emmy Award-winning NBC sitcom “Frasier”.


Since 2010 we’ve produced, filmed and edited over 2,500 online videos with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals who are passionate about what they do, and committed to helping and serving others with their unique expertise.

Behind the Scenes with Geffner Productions

“If you’re looking for great video support and a great way to get your message out there,
you definitely want to contact the Geffners and get your video on!”

Alexis Neely, Lawyer & Business Strategist


We are committed to helping you stand out online.

We know that having a high-quality online presence is critical to attracting your ideal clients and customers. Our goal is to help you identify what you need, and develop a plan to get you from where you are now, to where you ultimately want to be in your business.