Geffner Productions is a husband & wife owned video production company based in Los Angeles, California. We provide online video production, strategy, and education for entrepreneurs and small business owners. Our ideal clients are passionate, heart-centered, service-based entrepreneurs & professionals who want to use online video to reach more people, make more money, and have a bigger impact, on a daily basis.

We’re passionate about working with entrepreneurs because we believe entrepreneurs are on the leading edge, making a positive impact on the world, and evolving our planet. We know that if we can help those people to get their message out there in a bigger way, and on a larger scale, then we will have accomplished our own goal of changing the world for the better.

Jaime Geffner
Jaime Geffner
Online Video Producer & Video Marketing Strategist

Before starting Geffner Productions, Jaime got much of her valuable on-the-job training and experience working for 5 years as a TV producer for the hit daytime talk show “Dr. Phil”.

Steve Geffner
Steve Geffner
Online Video Producer & Video Marketing Strategist

Steve earned his Radio/TV/Film degree from Northwestern University before moving to Los Angeles to pursue his TV production career, starting on the Emmy Award-winning NBC sitcom “Frasier”.


Since 2010 we’ve produced, filmed and edited over 2,000 online videos with entrepreneurs, small business owners, and professionals who are passionate about what they do, and committed to helping and serving others with their unique expertise.


Although we tend to speak to clients privately about what they specifically need, and which parts of the process they want our help with, here is a general overview of the steps we take our clients through.

Strategy & Pre-Production

The first step in our process is to lay the foundation for your online video marketing success. This includes helping you develop the online video strategy that’s right for your business, then moving quickly into pre-production, if you decide you’re ready to get started on a video project with us.

Filming & Editing

We hold your hand throughout the entire video production process, from helping you create dynamic content, to making sure you’re comfortable on camera, to getting you fully prepared for your filming days. You end up with fully finished, high-quality, high-converting online videos that help you stand out from your competitors.

Marketing & Promotion

The final step in our process is to make sure your videos get seen by your target clients and customers. We help you figure out what to do with your finished videos, including where to upload them, how to optimize them, and how to promote them for maximum results and conversions.


We are committed to helping you stand out online.

We know that having a high-quality online presence is critical to attracting your ideal clients and customers. Our goal is to help you identify what you need, and develop a plan to get you from where you are now, to where you ultimately want to be in your business.

Steve & Jaime Geffner