What can you learn from Henry David Thoreau about what to wear on-camera in your online videos? Find out in this week’s episode of “Let’s Talk Video”!

Today’s viewer question comes from Janice in Boise, ID. She writes:

Dear Jaime & Steve,
I’m a big fan of your show! I’m getting ready to start filming regular “tips” videos for my blog, but I’m not exactly sure what to wear on-camera. Can you give me some wardrobe pointers that will help me choose my outfits? Thanks!

Thanks for your question, Janice! The question about what to wear on-camera is a very common one that we hear from many of the entrepreneurs whom we work with.

Watch the full episode below to see our answer:

Here are a few tips that will help you choose the proper attire for your online videos.

On-Camera Wardrobe Tip #1: Choose clothing that is consistent with your branding and messaging

Before we begin, there’s one point we want to discuss and that’s choosing wardrobe that is consistent with your branding and messaging. We see many entrepreneurs miss the mark on this. When it comes to being on-camera, wear something that accurately represents what you do, your personality & style, AND how you want to be perceived by your audience.

On-Camera Wardrobe Tip #2: Wear something that makes you feel good about yourself

It’s important that you feel comfortable when you’re in front of the camera. Whether you intend it to or not, how you feel will come across to your viewers. If you feel uncomfortable, you’re going to look uncomfortable. And if you look uncomfortable, you’re going to make your viewers feel uncomfortable, which will ultimately result in them not wanting to watch your videos! It’s actually the opposite effect that you’re going for. So make sure you choose clothing that makes you feel confident and is authentic to you.

On-Camera Wardrobe Tip #3: Choose the right colors

In general, solid, rich colors look best on camera. Deep shades of blue, green, purple and pink are usually a very safe choice. A great idea is to choose colors that complement your skin tone, hair color, or eye color. And if you can, try to avoid anything super bright (which can annoy or distract viewers), or very dull (which typically washes you out). Most people know if they have a favorite color that looks fantastic on them, or generates compliments. Always go with your best colors that make you look and feel great. This will make you feel happy and excited to share who you are with the world!

On-Camera Wardrobe Tip #4: Stay away from patterns

When it comes to your on-camera wardrobe, it’s best to stick with solids. If possible, try to stay away from patterns like florals, plaids, and stripes. In addition to being potentially distracting for your viewers (and taking the focus off of you and your message), certain patterns can actually play tricks with the camera lens and affect the picture quality. So unless you’re an experienced filmmaker yourself, or you have the help of someone who is, play it safe and stick with those solid, rich colors.

On-Camera Wardrobe Tip #5: Consider your background & filming location
Another thing many people forget to think about when picking out their on-camera wardrobe is the background they’ll be shooting against. Think about the color of the couch, chair, wall or furniture that you’ll be sitting or standing in front of. You don’t need to match perfectly with your location, but your colors should be in the same color palette, or at least not clash with the room or setting you’ll be filming in. You want to choose colors that contrast nicely with one another, and that are pleasant to look at together. However, you also want to avoid picking clothing colors that are too similar to your location, as you definitely don’t want to blend into the background!

Thanks again for your question, Janice. We can’t wait to see some of your on-camera wardrobe choices when you start filming your videos!

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