Do your prospects and customers instantly connect with your brand?
What if you could make a connection that moves them from
‘just interested’ to ‘engaged’ in under 5 minutes?

Hi! We are Jaime & Steve Geffner, an award-winning video production team, and we have been helping entrepreneurs, small business owners & passionate professionals create compelling brand stories and promotional videos for their websites, events, and online products & programs since 2010.

We want to help you grow your business with high-quality videos. When done right, video helps you connect with your target audience, showcases your authority & credibility, highlights what makes you unique or different, and ultimately converts more followers to customers.



Geffner Productions

Video Means Business
“Brand Awareness”
Retainer Package!

6-months to Multiply Your Profits!

The Video Means Business “Brand Awareness” Retainer Package includes:

  • 6 Monthly Video Strategy Coaching Calls with the Geffners ($3,000 value)

    Monthly video marketing and strategy coaching calls with the Geffners will cover topics such as: video marketing strategy, branding and messaging for video, pre-production for our day of filming, video promotion & distribution strategy, and more

  • Filming & Editing of a Brand Story Video ($7,950 value)

    The Brand Story Video is an interview-style video, less than 5 minutes long, that immediately connects you with your target audience. It instantly improves your credibility and increases your brand awareness. It tells viewers about who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, your background and experience, and most importantly, what makes your business unique or different from other businesses. This video answers the question for viewers: “why YOU?” And it shortens the client acquisition process, because after people watch this video, they either know for sure that they resonate and connect with you, your company values, and what you have to offer, or they move on quickly to another service provider who can give them what they want, need, and expect. It’s a true WIN-WIN for all involved parties.

    *See sample Brand Story Videos below
    **If you are interested in filming just a Brand Story Video alone, that is an option as well

  • Editing of up to 8 Social Media Influencer Videos ($2,800 value)

    Typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes long each, an Influencer Video is an interview-style video, with sound bites taken from your original Brand Story Video interview, where you talk in short clips or sound bites about your signature philosophies, your unique point of view in your area of expertise, your passion for what you do, your personal journey to get to where you are now, and any other relevant information that helps people get to know you better, connect emotionally with you, and distinguish you from your competitors. Great for use on social media, in email marketing campaigns, on a website, in a Facebook ad buy, etc.

  • Editing of a 60-Second Alternate Brand Story Teaser Video ($1,500 value)

    Typically less than 60 seconds, the Brand Story Teaser Video is a shortened version of your original Brand Story Video. Great for use on social media, in email marketing campaigns, on a website, in a Facebook ad buy, etc, or anywhere that there is a time limit for your videos

  • 1/2 Day of Professional Makeup ($300 value)

    Have your makeup professionally done (including hair touch-ups) on your day of filming

  • Wardrobe Strategy Session ($375 value)

    Have a 1-hour Virtual Wardrobe Strategy Session with Christine Vartanian of jade. for all seasons to plan out all of the outfits for your Brand Story Video shoot

  • Brand Story Video Proprietary Branding Questionnaire ($500 value)

    Once we begin the pre-production process, you will get access to a comprehensive questionnaire that both helps you gain clarity about your brand, and informs us to be able to create content for your Brand Story Video

  • Brand Story Video Marketing & Distribution Plan ($500 value)

    Once your Brand Story Video is approved and finalized, we will provide you with a list of 18 ways to immediately begin using your finished Brand Story Video to help your video get seen and found by your ideal clients

  • Brand-Building Still Images Offer ($750 value)

    Receive 15 still images taken from the b-roll footage from your Brand Story Video; images are perfect for use on social media, in proposals, or for your website marketing needs

  • Healing Meditation on the topic of “Getting Over Your Fears of Being On Camera” ($500 value)

    Led by Energy Healer Lisa Thomas, this healing meditation will help you to feel confident every time you step in front of the camera… or if you’ve been too afraid to get in front of the camera, then this will help you gain the courage you need to finally break through that barrier and get over that hump!

  • Basic YouTube Channel & Video Optimization ($950 value)

    Our Basic YouTube Channel & Video Optimization Package will help your video get seen and found online, and drive more traffic to your YouTube Channel, and your Brand Story Video. We will optimize BOTH your YouTube Channel (including new graphical elements) and your Brand Story Video itself (including custom video thumbnail), per YouTube’s best optimization practices

  • Basic YouTube Video Optimization for your 8 Influencer Videos ($800 value)

    Our Basic YouTube Video Optimization will help your Influencer Videos get seen and found online, and drive more traffic to your YouTube Channel.

  • Bonus Access to our “Make Videos Like the Pros!” Bundle of Online Courses ($1,997 value)

    Our “Make Videos Like the Pros!” courses cover topics including Video Mindset, Video Marketing Strategy, On-Camera Presence, Setting Up Your Home Studio, Filming Basics, Editing Basics, Video Marketing Basics, and more

“I was on my way to clearing the mid-six-figure mark with my business when I hired Jaime and Steve, and I have only one regret: I wish I’d done it sooner!”
Melissa McFarlane — Business Coach, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs


“Geffner Productions consistently brings the best of the best to their clients. I have been thrilled with their work, and the videos they’ve produced for me have elevated my career and infused the truth of who and I am, and the value I offer my clients. Thank you Steve & Jaime Geffner”
JuliAnn Stitick — Personal Brand Expert

We’ve filmed over 2,500 videos for business owners since 2010. 
Uplevel your brand with professional online videos.

The Geffner Productions team will handle everything for you!
Increase your brand credibility, connect with your prospects,
and showcase your business with a Brand Story Video.

The Video Means Business
6-Month Retainer Package

(Total value: $21,925,
including over $12,000 in video production alone)

Only $2,500/month*

*Depending on options; requires a minimum 6-month commitment

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