The Video Marketing Audit

Everyone is talking about VIDEO, and how it can radically improve your marketing, increase your sales volume, and quickly grow your team.

The most successful businesses use video to connect with their audiences, stay top of mind, and consistently market their products & services.

But just because you know video COULD be a game-changer for your business, that doesn’t mean you’re taking action, and leveraging the incredible power of video marketing.

If you need help understanding how video works & whether it’s a good fit for your business, or deciding between the different options of how you can start using video for your unique business model, then our Video Marketing Audit is for you.

Get started on your Video Marketing Journey with a comprehensive

1:1 Video Marketing Audit

so we can put our expert marketing brains on your business!

Get started on your Video Marketing Journey with a comprehensive

1:1 Video Marketing Audit

so we can put our expert marketing brains on your business!



Many businesses know…

…that they need to do video, and feel confident that it would dramatically help their businesses.

But they have absolutely no idea how to get started with video, or what would be the best use of their time and money.

If you have concerns like these, then our Video Marketing Audit is the best first step for you:

• I don’t understand how video will help me grow my business

• What are the different types of videos I can use?

• How does video work?

• What is a video marketing strategy, and why do I need one?

• How would I approach making a plan to use video in my business?

• Is my business the right fit for video?

• I think my business is too small for video to be able to help me!

• What is a branding video, and how will it help me?

• If I hate being on camera, and have no interest in being the face & voice of my brand – is there another way I can still use video effectively?

During our private audit session we will:

Take a look at your business including what you do, your mission & vision, and how you’re currently marketing your products & services.

We’ll also discuss the marketing & sales systems you currently have in place, your online properties, and your social media presence.

Next, we’ll educate you on how to use video specifically for your business, and we’ll identify what 1 video or series of videos would be the most impactful as a way to get started, to bring you the highest Return On Video Investment (ROVI).

We’ll also advise you on which videos you can learn to do on your own, and which videos you should have done professionally.

After our session, you’ll receive a report that lays out the information we discussed, so you can refer back to it as a way to stay on track with your long-term video marketing plan.

BONUS: If you decide to work with us on a private video production project immediately following your Video Marketing Audit, then we’ll credit you the amount you paid for the audit towards the balance of your video production project.


The Content Marketing Videos Program

One-Time Fee:


You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

If you’ve been putting off using video, or if you’ve tried using video and not gotten the results you’ve wanted, we can help. We’ll pinpoint any challenges you are having, and guide you in the right direction to shortcut your success.

BONUS: If you decide right away to work with us privately on a video production project, then your audit is FREE!

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