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Video Equipment Recommendations

This page accompanies our “Top 5 Video Equipment Recommendations” mini-course. If you haven’t gone through that course yet, please do so, as this will all make much more sense when you do.

Below are links to specific pieces of video equipment that we recommend for filming your own videos. These are all items that we have either used ourselves, or have extensively researched, and feel confident recommending to others.

Since there are a lot of different options available, it’s important to make sure that the items that you choose are compatible with each other. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out to us for further support.

Finally, before purchasing anything, it’s always a great idea to read product reviews online, to see what other people who have purchased these items have to say about their personal experiences.

We will keep this list updated to make sure that as new products become available, you’ll be able to easily find them here.


Links to Purchase Webcams:

These webcams are to upgrade your video quality if you are using your computer to record your videos, and also for use on your regular Zoom calls.

Links to Purchase DSLRs or Pro Cameras:

Links to Purchase Camcorders:

These camcorders require the use of battery-powered microphones. Check the microphone product description before you order one to make sure that it is a “powered” microphone, and doesn’t rely exclusively on “phantom” power, which is supplied by the camera.


Links to Purchase Tripods for a Smartphone:

Links to Purchase Tripods for a Camera:


Links to Purchase Microphones for a Smartphone:

Links to Purchase Microphones for a Computer:

Links to Purchase Wireless Lavalier Microphones for a Camera:

Links to Purchase Shotgun Microphones for a Camera:


Links to Purchase Lights:

If you wear glasses, using a ring light can be problematic because of the glare & reflection in the lenses of your glasses.

Links to Purchase Light Stands:

You only need these stands if the lights you choose don’t already include stands.


Links to Purchase Teleprompter Kits:

Some teleprompters are designed to be used with either a Smartphone (like an iPhone or Android) or a tablet (like an iPad) to project the script. Also, some are designed to use a Smartphone, Camcorder, DSLR, Pro Camera, or even your computer as the camera. Make sure the device you choose will work with your desired setup.

Links to Purchase Teleprompter Apps:


PromptSmart Pro