Need still images for your website & marketing materials?

Our Brand-Building Still Images Package is the perfect solution!

Jaime & Steve Geffner

Why our Brand-Building Still Images Package is a
total no-brainer:

  • You are already looking your best for your video shoot

  • You are wearing your best brand-focused outfits

  • You already went through all the trouble of inviting your favorite clients to come to your video shoot so we could capture footage of you working with them

  • You can always use new images for your website, blog, social media pages, and marketing campaigns

  • The video footage already exists, so why not let us help you maximize it?

Brand-Building Still Images Offer 
(images pulled from the video footage we film with you):
Starting at $500

Brand-Building Still Images Offer Details:

  • Using the b-roll footage shot for your Brand Story Video, or other types of videos that capture the essence of your brand, we will go back through all of the footage that was shot, and pull as many still images as we can for you to choose from

  • You then get to look through all of the proofs to choose your favorite images

You Will Receive:

  • $500 includes the first 10 images you choose

  • Or choose as many images as you like – additional images (beyond the first 10) are just $50 each

Many entrepreneurs, including ourselves, have spent more than $2,500
for a full day of professional brand-building photos that represent the work they do.
While this does not replace that full-day photo shoot, it is a great place to start,
for a fraction of the cost.

Sample still images taken from video footage:

If you would like to add this Brand-Building Still Images Package offer
to your video production project, email us today!