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Short-Form Video is the fastest way to…

Increase brand awareness 🎥, build an engaged audience 👏, create massive visibility 🌟, and expose new people to your brand 🎤

We’ll help you leverage the power of short-form video to grow and scale your company.


5 of your top social media channels full of highly-effective short-form video content that engages and connects with your ideal clients — week after week, month after month.

How much would that impact your business?

How many extra clients do you think you’d pick up over the next 12 months?

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Here’s What’s Working Right Now For Businesses: SHORT-FORM VIDEOS!

Not so long ago, long-form video content was the preferred method for businesses to capture and keep attention. However, you may have noticed that there’s a new kid in town… SHORT-FORM VIDEOS.

Short-form videos, also referred to as Video Shorts or Micro-Content, is typically made up of video clips that are less than 60 seconds long each.

Each short video shares valuable information, and is done in a specific editing style that’s fast & fun, and a little bit flashy.

The goal of short-form video content is to literally STOP THE SCROLL, or disrupt your viewer’s attention, so they will pay attention to you and your message as your video is scrolling by in their social media feed.

Remember, if you can’t get your viewer’s attention, then you can’t connect with them emotionally. And if you can’t reach their emotions, then they aren’t going to easily turn from a prospect into a paying customer.

There are 5 main social platforms where Short-Form Video Content is thriving right now.

Facebook Reels

Instagram Reels

YouTube Shorts




The ALGORITHM favors short-form video content (less than 60-seconds long).

Current research shows this is the preferred way for viewers to consume information online.

Each of the social media platforms are competing for viewer attention – meaning they will only show or suggest content that viewers are likely to watch.

Short-form content is the FIRST STEP to gaining customer attention.

This is how new people are DISCOVERING YOUR BRAND!

It’s only AFTER people become interested that they will go to your website, or consider buying your products and services.

Short-form content is a GATEWAY for customers to decide they want to go DEEPER, and learn more from you.

Our best advice:

Invest now in being visible through short-form video content!

Imagine a highly-effective short video going out on 5 of your social channels every single week, month after month…

We’re talking up to 75 additional customer touchpoints per month to increase your visibility, attract more of the right-fit clients, and grow your revenue.


Below are samples of short-form videos that were produced with our clients completely VIRTUALLY, or repurposed from existing video footage.

Heath Lynch
Criminal Defense Attorney

Karla Costilla
Masters Trucking Academy

Heather Skeens

Kirsten Kraljevic
Chicken Training Expert

Steve Geffner
Video Marketing Expert

Jennifer Schaefer

Social Media Momentum - The Ultimate Video Content Program

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