Phase 5: GROW

Expansion & Referrals

Where Phase 5 connects with the Relationship Analogy:

Phase 5: GROW: 

This is where you take all the hard work that you’ve already done, and try to leverage it into growth and expansion. If you’ve been able to attract, connect, convert, and retain great customers, then don’t you want more people like them to come your way? And don’t you want the help of the people you’ve worked so hard to make happy and take care of? Of course, you do!

Now you have to ask for help to grow. And the best people to ask are your raving fans and followers, your true supporters. The ones whose lives you have already transformed, who can tell others about you, and authentically share how great their experience has been, and all about their incredible results. Nothing helps you grow more than happy clients honestly talking about what you’ve done for them – because if you can help them, then you can help others too. Also, it’s way easier to have other people sell you, rather than you having to sell yourself. Nothing is better for sales than honest and authentic testimonials and referrals.

“If you are looking for a team who will showcase the brilliance, passion and mastery of your business in a way that will positively impact your bottom line, Geffner Productions will exceed your expectations!”

Lakeshia Ekeigwe, Life School For Lawyers

“I was on my way to clearing the mid-six-figure mark with my business when I hired Jaime and Steve,
and I have only one regret: I wish I’d done it sooner!”

Melissa McFarlane, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Phase 5 Video Examples:

A video to send on to others. It best way to get someone excited about you. It is also good for the sender to impress their referral and feel cool that they’ve referred someone impressive, making them look good.
Whether individual or a montage, it is social proof that these products and/or services worked for others so they can work for me too. If you weren’t sure before, NOW after you see this video, you will be sure.

These are more in-depth than Testimonial Videos. They share the deeper story. Here’s where they were before & what life was like… here’s where they are now…

Here’s the results people have gotten from working with me. It is also know as a Testimonials Montage Video but only focused on results.
A fun way to market yourself is to create a movie trailer about your business to give it entertainment and drama. It helps it become more shareable and buzzworthy.
A great way to show the fun side of your personality and your company’s brand. It also helps others see your clients and/or teammates and know it’s fun to work there or work with you.

What you’ll get if you help me grow my community and network of support.

If you were happy with my service, please refer your friends. we love working with you, and would love to help others who you care about. Our business grows when amazing people like you send more amazing people like you our way!

Sample Brand Story Videos

Jeannette Sermak-Proulx
Brand Story Video

Bonnie Lucas
Brand Story Video

Jen Dial
Brand Story Video

Sample Testimonial Montage Videos

Lisa Thomas
Testimonials Montage

JuliAnn Stitick
Testimonials Montage

Play Big
Testimonials Montage

Sample Individual Testimonial Videos

Individual Testimonial to
Lisa Thomas

Individual Testimonial to
Yvonne Larson

Individual Testimonial to
Geffner Productions

Sample Gag Reel Videos

Geffner Productions
Gag Reel 2017

Geffner Productions
Gag Reel 2011

Geffner Productions
Gag Reel 2010

If you’re not being intentional with your videos, you’re not doing it properly; don’t just do video for the sake of doing video, or throw spaghetti against the wall – have a solid plan, and execute on that plan.

Build Relationships, Create Brand-Loyalty, Grow Your Business

The best way to connect and differentiate yourself is by sharing your personal story – that is your differentiating factor. Everyone can list the same benefits and features on their site or product, but NO ONE else has your unique story.