Phase 4: RETAIN

Client Retention & Re-Engagement

Where Phase 4 connects with the Relationship Analogy:

Phase 4: RETAIN: 

This is one phase many people skip or miss. However, as we know, it’s a lot easier (and a lot less expensive) to keep an already existing customer happy so they complete or get the best use of the product/service they bought, stay with you longer and buy more, than it is to go through Phases 1-3 all over again to attract a brand new customer. The nurture and sales process doesn’t stop at the first sale. Now you move into the next phase, which is to make them happy, keep them happy, and keep them coming back for more! This is a critical part of the process. And you can do A LOT more in this phase to make sure you have a great relationship with your customer, and that they always feel honored, valued, appreciated by you. You want them to feel loved and taken care of. You want them to know they made the right decision to buy from you. You want them to get great results from what they’ve already bought from you. You want them to continue to want to work with you and know how they can get more of you. And if you solved the first problem for them, what more can you do for them? If you do this well, your reputation will be GOLD, which then leads us into the next phase…

“You don’t have to think about a thing, you don’t have to worry about anything. You just get in and get out, and it will make a huge difference in your website, or in any way that you want to use these videos. I strongly recommend Geffner Productions.”

Patty Malone, Communication Expert

“Geffner Productions consistently brings the best of the best to their clients. The videos they’ve produced for me have elevated my career, and infused the truth of who and I am and the value I offer my clients.”

JuliAnn Stitick, Personal Brand & Image Expert

Phase 4 Video Examples:

Thanks for becoming a customer… Make them feel good about their purchase so there’s not buyer’s remorse, and so they feel confident that they are in good hands. It also shares that we truly care about and VALUE our customers. This type of video can also be done as a more casual Personalized Video Text Message: So excited to work with you…

Here’s what our signature/unique process is that makes us superior. Here’s what to expect when you come to your appointment. Here’s what you need to do next after you make your purchase… This is how it works and what you can expect. This type of video makes it SO MUCH easier for the client/customer to feel comfortable that they are being taken care of, that you’ve got their back, and that they don’t have to figure it all out on their own. You have a proven method/process behind what you do and they feel better just being in that process with you. It instantly provides a sense of calm, that you’ve thought this out ahead of time. You CARE about me as a customer and making sure I’m taken care of. It INCREASES the value of what I’m getting by working with you. I instantly feel happy about the amount I’m paying you and I know it’s money well spent. I even feel like it’s been worth it to pay MORE to work with you, because I’m being so well taken care of.

Taking them through a program or system (phase 1, 2, 3 etc.). Active Campaign or Infusionsoft sequences gets triggered once something happens, and then the customer gets a series of videos that walk them through a process and make them feel engaged and on the right track and taken care of without you having to do ALL of it by hand, and/or repeat all of it every single time, with each new customer. It saves you time, as all you have to do is get on the phone for your strategy calls, but in between calls, you are still educating them with the info they need to move forward. Also, they don’t have to waste so much of your time with things you can say to everyone all at once, by recording videos.

You’re here for one appointment but you can connect with the product/service/company and get interested in other services we offer as well. This will keep you on as a client/customer for a longer time, and easily introduce you to more services and procedures that you may not have known about before, or may not have known that we offer.

Used on your website, on the different product/services pages. Here’s what this service is… Explain the services you offer so they get the differences, the value, become interested and excited to learn more about that service, and are ready to say YES to the service. Also, explain other services we offer beyond what you just bought… or in conjunction with their first purchase, to keep them as a customer longer.
If you enjoyed this first product or service, you might also be interested in this related one, and here’s why…
This is the whole sequence after someone subscribes… Now, what do they get? How do they stay engaged? What’s the process they have paid for?

Send to your existing dormant clients to let them know what’s new and what you’re up to now that can help them further.

There is a new tool/new technology/new employee/new department/etc. that you want to draw attention to. Check out this awesome piece of new equipment we got, or we’re so excited that we now are going to be able to use X,Y,Z to better serve our customers…
Review a piece of equipment that you use and that others may want to use as well. Provide an affiliate link for another source of revenue.

Sample Client Experience Videos

The Lovella Bridal
Shopping Experience

What To Expect At Your
Lovella Bridal Appointment

Next Steps After Purchasing Your
Lovella Bridal Gown

The NeckWork Expert
Booking Process Overview

The NeckWork Expert
Booking Process Step 1

The NeckWork Expert
Booking Process Step 2

The right video strategy today is a combination of professional and self-made videos
(if you’re ONLY using FB Live, that’s not enough).

Build Relationships, Create Brand-Loyalty, Grow Your Business

Video is not just an online tool! Video is incredibly useful, BOTH for people you meet online and ALSO for people you meet in person and want to keep the conversation and relationship going with – either by transitioning them to an online relationship or taking the next step by connecting digitally with them.