Phase 2: CONNECT

Lead Generation

Where Phase 2 connects with the Relationship Analogy:

Phase 2: CONNECT: Begin DATING

Now that people know you’re out there, and that you’re credible and serious, and you’ve announced yourself with gusto and strength and power, now it’s time to get serious about nurturing them along in the direction of what you want them to know, and then what you want them to physically do about it. You’re not selling anything yet, but you are getting them used to the idea of you. You’re connecting regularly with them. You’re showing your value & expertise by giving them things of value to consume. They’re getting comfortable with you, and used to saying yes to you (micro-commitments.) You’re making it known that they can trust you, they can count on you, and you will be there as a resource for them. You are the authority. You truly CARE.

“I cannot tell you how wonderful it’s been to work with Geffner Productions: how professional they are, how kind they are, and how they understand what your message is, and they really help you bring it across very authentically. Whatever you’re doing, they help make it better for you!”

Janet D. Thomas, Emotional Healing Expert

“If you want to have a great image, if you want your brand to POP, you need to have the experts on your team. You need Jaime and Steve. You need Geffner Productions.”

JJ Virgin, Nutrition & Fitness Expert

Phase 2 Video Examples:

These videos are filmed interview style, similar to the way a Brand Story Video is filmed. Influencer videos can also be edited from clips taken from speaking footage. These videos are put out on a regular basis, to showcase your thoughts/philosophies, interesting tidbits about you, etc. The goal is to create regular engagement and interaction with your audience through ongoing content marketing.
A type of “Influencer Video” that shares your key philosophies and helps people know that they’re in the right place because they resonate and connect with your values. They think the same way you do. When people watch they’ll say “YES! That is so true…” and as a result, they fall more and more in love with you and deeper and deeper into your tribe… Over time, viewers become loyal, lasting customers and fans who feel like they’re a part of something bigger.
For a free gift, an event, a webinar, a mailing list, an invitation to join a community/movement, etc. – The viewer provides name & email address in exchange for something of value to them.
Thank you for opting in, we’re so glad you’ve joined us and here’s your free gift. It is about immediate gratification and clarity that you’re in/you’re a part of something now. This provides immediate engagement with the thing you were inspired to sign up for.
Here is where we deliver your actual gift that you opted in for: free info, training, education, knowledge, secrets, inside info – something of great value that you happily traded your email address for.
After you’ve filled out the questionnaire, now what? Or after you’ve had a consult call but before you’ve committed to being a customer, now what? What is the next step to get from where you are now in the process of becoming a client… to the next phase along the journey?

The easiest way to share valuable advice and expertise on a consistent basis. They are used to generate more leads and satisfy the ones you already have.

There is a new tool/new technology/new employee/new department/etc. that you would like to draw attention to. Check out this awesome piece of new equipment we got, or we’re so excited that we now are going to be able to use X,Y,Z to better serve our customers…
Review a piece of equipment that you use and that others may want to use as well. Provide an affiliate link for another source of revenue.

Another higher-level way to put out regular content and attract new people.

Either you interview guests to pull in their audience, or they interview you, so you get exposed to their audience.

Not intended to look professional, this is another way to put out regular content and generate more leads consistently.

To be used as part of networking or event follow-up nurture sequence. You’ll want an especially well thought out plan when you’re doing follow up from an event that you sponsored or paid a lot for exposure at.

Sample Influencer Videos

Geffner Productions
Influencer Video

Lisa Thomas
Influencer Video

Molly Mahoney
Influencer Video

PK Odle
Influencer Video

Chellie Campbell
Influencer Video

Brilliance ‘N Beauty
Influencer Video

Sample Tips Videos

Wedding Fashion Expert
Tips Video

Dr. Wendy O’Connor
Tips Video

Shana Ekedal
Tips Video

JJ Virgin
Tips Video

Diane Polnow
Tips Video

Mimi Donaldson
Tips Video

Video is not a luxury, it’s a necessity in this day & age (if you’re not doing it, you’re leaving money on the table, you’re missing the boat, being left behind, and you’re also missing out… Your competitors ARE doing video and marketing to and CLOSING your ideal clients and customers).

Build Relationships, Create Brand-Loyalty, Grow Your Business

Just ANY video is not enough anymore… with so many people doing video,
you have to do GOOD video so you will stand out.