Phase 1: ATTRACT

Brand Awareness

Where Phase 1 Connects with the Relationship Analogy:

Phase 1: ATTRACT: Meet/Introduction to You

First you need to build awareness for your brand — let people know who you are, and what’s valuable and special about your company. You must announce that you’re available as a resource, your doors are open and ready for business, and you’re interested in connecting with the right clients and customers, who are a good fit for your brand. In this phase, you need to attract people to you, by making yourself attractive to them. You must make a great first impression on them, so they will want to stick around and learn more about you and your company, and everything you have to offer them. The goal is to capture their attention and their intrigue/interest, and make sure they’re inspired enough to move on to the next phase of the customer journey…

“The Geffners are awesome at strategizing with you and coaching you. You will feel very comfortable, and they will come up with ideas to help you move forward that you can’t come up with on your own.”

Yvonne Larson, The Neck Work Expert

“If you want a brilliant video production team, then I would highly recommend Jaime and Steve Geffner of Geffner Productions. Talented, professional, beautiful inside and out, high level of integrity, and fun to work with!!!”

Michele Broad, Well Women Network

Phase 1 Video Examples:

These videos explain who you are, what you do, who your target market is, how you help, & why you’re different.

These videos are filmed interview style, similar to the way a Brand Story Video is filmed. Influencer videos can also be edited from clips taken from speaking footage. These videos are put out on a regular basis, to showcase your thoughts/philosophies, interesting tidbits about you, etc. The goal is to create regular engagement and interaction with your audience through ongoing content marketing.

A type of “Influencer Video” that shares your key philosophies and helps people know that they’re in the right place because they resonate and connect with your values. They think the same way you do. When people watch they’ll say “YES! That is so true…” and as a result, they fall more and more in love with you and deeper and deeper into your tribe… over time viewers become loyal, lasting customers and fans who feel like they’re a part of something bigger

Whether individual or a montage, they are social proof that these products/services worked for others so they can work for me too. If you weren’t sure before, NOW after you see this video, you will be sure.

More in-depth than Testimonial Videos, these share the deeper story. Here’s where they were before and what life was like… here’s where they are now…

Same goal as Brand Story Video, but easier to produce. They are done direct-to-camera and are usually shorter, designed specifically to connect with people on social media.
It is a shortened version of the Brand Story Video. It is intended to tease and get people to watch longer version. Used for social media platforms like Instagram and used for people who believe 60 seconds is all you have, even if it’s not true!
Launch and market your new book. The goal is to get people to buy the book.
Either with or without a main interview, where the event host/creator talks about the event: what it is, who it’s for, and how it helps. The video could also share testimonials and b-roll footage from an event to attract an audience for the next big event. The goal is to fill seats!
Also know as the Speaker Example Video, if they don’t have multiple speaking engagements. The purpose is to show your experience and expertise as a seasoned speaker. The goal is to get hired or booked for future speaking engagements.
Used to recruit new employees and attract top talent by sharing the core philosophies and company culture in a way that appeals to the right fit employee.

Used for up-leveling your online presence, impressing people and creating more brand recognition on your online properties.

A fun way to market yourself: create a movie trailer about your business to give it entertainment and drama. It helps it become more shareable and buzz-worthy.
A great way to show the fun side of your personality, and your company’s brand. It also helps others see your clients and/or teammates and know it’s fun to work there or work with you.
They are designed to get your viewers to subscribe to your channel. Typically, it’s a summary of what your channel is about, or a trailer that incorporates clips from all the different types of videos on your channel.
Welcome to my website, my channel, my blog, my Facebook page, etc. They are used to give an overview of what visitors can expect and encourage them to subscribe, like, comment, share, stay engaged, browse, etc. It greets them and engages directly with them when they get to your online property for the first time.

Sample Brand Story Videos

Lisa Thomas
Brand Story Video

Molly Mahoney
Brand Story Video

Lovella Bridal
Brand Story Video

Pam Hopman
Brand Story Video

Chiqeeta Jameson
Brand Story Video

Cynthia Grande
Brand Story Video

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy
Brand Story Video

Dog is Good
Brand Story Video

JuliAnn Stitick
Brand Story Video

Candace D’Agnolo
Brand Story Video

Jerome Braggs
Brand Story Video

Tyra Jarvis
Brand Story Video

Sample Creative Brand Awareness Videos

Geffner Productions
Movie Trailer

Geffner Productions
G#!damn Video

Video is the best way to build an emotional connection with your audience, which is what results in sales
(because people buy from people they know, like and trust, and always will!)

Build Relationships, Create Brand-Loyalty, Grow Your Business

Video converts better than any other marketing tool online.