Don’t Let Your Amazing Video Just Sit There…
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As an addition to your Social Brand Builder Video, we’ve created a Video Marketing Support Package to handle the marketing launch of your Social Brand Builder Video. If you don’t already have a marketing plan, or a marketing team in place to help you execute on that plan, we’ve got the perfect solution for you.

Steve & Jaime Geffner

Our Social Brand Builder Video Marketing Support Package Includes:

  • Uploading your new video to your key Social Media Accounts

    We will upload your video, text description, and transcript of your video for you, to your YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts.

  • A Launch Email to share your video with your current list

    We will create, upload, and send an ‘Are We Connected’ email in your CRM, to promote your video to your current email list, and to drive them back to your social media platforms.

  • Creating and Executing a Social Media Video Launch

    We will create and upload a branded social media post for each of your social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest, to showcase your Social Brand Builder Video, and continue to increase connections. These posts can be used over and over again, anytime you want, to highlight your business on each of your social media channels.

  • Creating a Facebook Boosted Post for Increased Reach

    We will create a Facebook boosted post to promote your video to your current followers. (Boost ad spend is not included).

This Video Marketing Support Package will ensure that your new video gets seen, and creates traction for your brand. The more views your video gets, the more likely you are to make a connection that will turn into a customer.

Social Brand Builder Video Marketing Support Package

Only $500

Email us or schedule a no-obligation call to find out more.

“The video has been great for my business and helping clients and prospects understand what I am about and how I can serve them in their business.” Christina Weber — Christian Biz Owners On Fire