So you’re an entrepreneur, and you want to be producing regular video content for your blog, and you want to know how you can save time while creating your videos?

In today’s episode of “Let’s Talk Video!” we’re going to share with you our #1 professional video producer secret that will allow you to get more done in less time!

Today we’re talking about how to create regular video content for your audience in a way that will allow you to save time.

We Get It, Time Is Money

Look, we get it – we’re busy entrepreneurs too. We understand that you don’t have 1 full week out of every month to create, write, film, edit, upload and promote your monthly video content. Nor do you have a whole team of people standing by to help you with all these tasks.

But before you get overwhelmed and decide to just throw in the towel before you’ve even begun, here’s our #1 piece of advice: your online video content must be sustainable, otherwise you’re simply never going to do it!

What Is Sustainability?

So what does that mean? It means that it needs to be easily repeatable, so that you can keep creating content regularly, over a long period of time. Not something that you can muster up the strength to do just one time, and then dread having to ever do again.

So how do you make creating regular video content sustainable? Well here are 3 ways:

#1 – Create a template or formula

You have to have a video template, or formula. When you create an easily repeatable format for your videos, that will allow you to just slot your content into your already existing template. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel each and every time you go to write a new script. This will also give your viewers a sense of familiarity, and something to look forward to with each new video.

#2 – Keep your videos short & simple!

You have to keep your online videos short (3 minutes or less – 2 is even better!) and simple – meaning one great tip per video (or the top 3 tips on that one topic, like we’re doing with this blog post). Do not attempt to give an overall big picture understanding of how to do a complicated task. You can do that when you have more time with your audience.

#3 – Batch the creation of your videos

Whenever possible, batch the creation of your videos. Don’t just write, film and edit one new video per week. Instead, whenever you do make the time to work on your videos, work on as many as you can during that block of time. Spend a few hours in one sitting writing several scripts. Then, once you take the time to set up your camera, your lights, and your background, and you do your hair and make-up, plan to film a bunch of videos during the same day of filming.

For example, when we film our “Let’s Talk Video!” blog show, we film 6 episodes in one day. Since we release new videos every other week, that gives us 3 full months worth of video content. At the current rate that we release new videos, this means we only have to film 4 times per year, and we have an entire year’s worth of bi-weekly content!

We recently heard someone say that filming videos is like baking cookies. You don’t want to just bake 1 cookie at a time. As long as you’re taking out the flour, the eggs, the sugar, and heating up the oven, you want to try to bake as many as you can, so you can be as efficient and productive with your time as possible, allowing you to save time in the process!

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