Marketing Video Ideas to Help You Create More Revenue For Your Online Course 

If you’re like many of the clients we’ve worked with in the past, you’ve already thought a lot about the online course or program that you want to create, or the content for the free gift or webinar that you’re going to offer, but you haven’t thought much about how to drive traffic to your landing page, or how to maximize your conversions once people get to your sales page.

Video is the single most powerful way to engage with people online, which makes them more likely to get to your landing pages and sales pages, and much more likely to opt-in or convert into a paying customer once they arrive.

Don’t forget to put as much time into thinking about how you’re going to MARKET your products and services online as you do into creating the actual products and services that you want to sell. Remember, it does you no good to spend time creating an awesome product if nobody is aware of it, or nobody feels compelled enough to purchase it once they do find out about it. This is one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make when it comes to creating an offer that they’re trying to sell online.

Below are a few ideas for how to powerfully use online video to market and sell your offers.


Sales Page Videos are used specifically on the page of your website where you are pitching or selling a particular product, program, course, service, or package. The Sales Page Video is very intentional in terms of helping you to sell your offer. Often times this type of video directly asks for the viewer to click on the purchase button, or set up a call with you (for a higher cost offer) after watching your video, which will immediately lead to more revenue for your business.

The purpose of the Sales Page Video is to engage the viewer, build interest in your product or service, and turn the viewer from a lookie-loo into an actual buyer who is ready to close the deal at the first opportunity that is presented to them to make a purchase.

The Sales Page Video might simply be a shortened version of your sales or offer page itself, but keep in mind that most people would rather watch a short video that engages them with the information that is on the page, rather than have to read a long sales pitch laid out in text on the screen. Research has shown that using video on your sales page greatly increases conversions, because people feel much more connected to the product or service when you bring it to life for them by sharing your passion for your offer. Everyone loves to work with someone who is excited about what they are selling.

Sample Sales Page Video

Sample Sales Page Video

We have created a script template to make the scripting of your Sales Page Videos easier. Simply click the button below to download the Sales Page Video script template directly to your computer.


The Opt-In Video is any type of video that asks for the viewer to “opt-in” with their name and email address after watching. It is typically used to collect leads that you can market to at a later date. A great suggestion for the Opt-In Video is to give away a free gift, a free training, a free webinar, or some other type of valuable offer in exchange for the viewer’s name & email address. This free offer should be a total “no-brainer” for your target audience. In other words, it should be something that they would have been willing to pay for, so they will gladly exchange their contact info for this amazingly valuable gift.

After the viewer enters their name & email address to receive the free gift, they will also be added to your mailing list so you can nurture them and market to them in the future. This is key – these are people who are the perfect target market for your offerings, and have expressed serious interest in the information you have to share, so you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to collect these valuable leads.

Sample Opt-In Video

Sample Opt-In Video

We have created a script template to make the scripting of your Opt-In Videos easier. Simply click the button below to download the Opt-In Video script template directly to your computer.