Geffner Productions

How to Prep Yourself for Makeup & Hair


On the day of your video shoot, we will hire a professional makeup artist to be on set with you, to do your full makeup + any hair touch-ups that you need. Each of our makeup artists have a ton of great experience doing video shoots like this, and will come fully prepared to help you look and feel your very best for your day of filming.

Below you will find everything you need to know to prepare yourself in the days leading up to your shoot, and on the morning of your shoot.

If you have any other specific concerns that you need to speak directly with the make-up artist about, please let us know ahead of time, and we will do a virtual intro to connect the two of you to each other. That way you will be able to ask the makeup artist directly whatever questions you need to ask in order to feel confident that you will be in good hands, and have everything you need on the day of your video shoot.


• Rule #1 is to drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep in the days leading up to your video shoot – you will look and feel so much better for your shoot, and you will also be able to think more clearly, which is very important to the success of your video shoot as well! Also, your skin will look hydrated, rather than dry, the more water you drink. Don’t underestimate the power of these simple self-care tips to help make your shoot go more smoothly, and be a better overall experience for you!

• The morning of your shoot, please arrive with a CLEAN face. If you typically use a certain moisturizer that works well for your skin, then you can apply it the morning of your shoot, just make sure that there is no SPF in your moisturizer, as this will reflect under the lights. Please don’t put any other makeup products on your face.


• Keep in mind that our makeup artist will only be able to spend about 15 minutes or so doing hair touch-ups such as teasing, curling, straightening and spraying, so your hair should already be washed and styled as best you can, before you arrive on set

• If your hair is difficult to style or manage, then we suggest you get it professionally blown out the day before (or very early in the morning on the day of your shoot, depending on how well your hairstyle holds up overnight)

• Please do not arrive with wet or dirty hair (wash it the day before if your hair is on the dry side)


• If you have any favorite makeup or styling products like lipstick, primer, or eyeliner that you feel great in, bring them with you on the day of your shoot! If you LOVE it, and it makes you feel more confident, then our makeup artist can incorporate the product or color, as long as it looks great on camera

• Please bring a toothbrush or floss if you’re planning to eat before or during your shoot (we recommend that you stay well nourished throughout your day of filming so you should be eating snacks at the very least)


• Wear something comfortable that you can slip off easily so it doesn’t interfere with makeup & hair

• Get a facial (or any other necessary skin treatments) a week before your shoot. Don’t try a new treatment a few days before you are scheduled to be on camera!

• Get your eyebrows waxed or threaded a few days before your shoot (and don’t go too thin on the brows!)

• Get a manicure a few days before your shoot. Paint your nails a neutral color, like nude or blush, as you don’t want your nails to be distracting or draw too much attention (a few specific shades that work well are “Bubble Bath” and “Ballet Slippers”)

• Don’t try any new products the day before your shoot!

• Drink lots of water and get plenty of sleep the day/night before your shoot

• Have very little alcohol (or better yet, none) the night before your shoot, as it will dehydrate you, and make you look and feel tired