Make Videos Like the Pros!

Do you know you need to be using video regularly to promote your business, but don’t know how to create, film and edit your own content?

Already doing your own videos, but experiencing “video shame” because you know they don’t represent the quality of who you really are?

Don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on a professional video production team EVERY SINGLE TIME you need a few short videos filmed?

Want to learn how make videos on your own, so you can leverage the incredible power of video to become an Influencer in your industry?


  • Your mediocre (or non-existent) videos are not getting you where you want to be!

  • People aren’t noticing you, or if they are noticing you, then it isn’t for the reasons you actually want to be noticed for (i.e. the incredible value you have to share, and the amazing things you have to offer)

  • People aren’t seeing you as an “Influencer” or “Thought Leader”, because you are NOT using video properly

  • Consider the fact that you are actually BEING SELFISH by robbing hundreds, thousands, or millions of people of the ability to discover you online, so that you can finally HELP THEM to solve their problems

  • You owe it to yourself, and to the people you can help, to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY, and start using video THE RIGHT WAY

  • You need to INSPIRE people into action, and that requires BEING AN INSPIRATION that other people can respect, and turn to for help and support

  • If you’re going to do video on your own, then you MUST learn to produce videos properly, so that you can reach more people with your powerful message, sell more of your incredible products and services, make a meaningful difference in the world, and create the lasting impact that you are really here to make!


Make Videos Like the Pros!

Everything the DIY entrepreneur needs to know about creating, filming & editing
your own high-quality business videos that produce REAL RESULTS!

Created by Steve & Jaime Geffner, founders of Geffner Productions, and
former TV producers on shows including “Dr. Phil” and “Frasier”

Geffner Productions

The “Make Videos Like The Pros!” Online Course will help you master:

How to setup your own studio on a budget (including equipment recommendations)

How to create compelling content that captures the attention of your ideal clients and customers

How to deliver your message with ease and authenticity, so you can truly impact your target audience

The most critical filming & editing tips and techniques to help you get the best results and ROI

What to do with your videos after they’re done, so they get seen, and don’t just sit on your computer

All this, plus other common challenges like: how to get started, where to film, what to wear, how to stand, how to speak, ideal length of videos, where to upload your videos, and so much more!

The Make Videos Like the Pros! Online Course consists of 8 Modules
that you can do in your own time, at your own pace!

Module 1: Making the Case for Video (Video Mindset)

Module 2: How to Create Brand-Loyal Customers Using Video (Video Strategy)

Module 3: How to Create Compelling Video Content That Produces Results (Video Content Creation)

Module 4: How to Become Great in Front of the Camera (On-Camera Delivery & Appearance)

Module 5: How to Set Up Your Own Home Studio (Including Equipment Recommendations)

Module 6: How to Film Your Own Business Videos (Video Filming Basics)

Module 7: How to Edit Your Own Business Videos (Video Editing Basics)

Module 8: How to Market Your Own Business Videos (Video Marketing Basics)

BONUS TRAINING: Tips for Improving Your Facebook Live Videos

You can do all 8 modules in order, or skip around only to the parts where you need the most help right now, in order to move forward powerfully.

And since this course is made up of short video trainings, you will feel like we are right there with you, holding your hand, and guiding you every step along the way!

Make Videos Like the Pros!
Online Course

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*We are currently putting the finishing touches on our “Make Videos Like the Pros!” online course,
which will be officially launching by mid-December, 2018. As soon as the course is ready, you will
receive separate login instructions via email to access the content of the course.