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What Should I Wear On-Camera For My Influencer Videos?

In general, when it comes to being on-camera, solid, rich colors look best. Deep shades of blue, purple, pink and green are usually safe choices for most people. (Some people like to refer to these solid, rich colors that look best on-camera as “jewel” tones.)

• Pick a color that looks good with your skin tone, hair color, or eye color, or that one color that everyone always compliments you on most whenever you wear it. If you have certain colors that are “on brand” for you, this would be a good time to wear either those exact colors, or other colors that are in the same color palette, and will complement your brand colors

• Stay away from patterns like florals, stripes, plaids, checkers, etc. Some of these just don’t look good on camera, and others can actually play tricks with the camera lens, so it’s best to steer clear of these whenever possible

• Stay away from anything super bright (like really bright orangey red) as it can be distracting, and draw attention away from you. Also, stay away from anything very dull, as that may wash you out (i.e. white & cream are problematic on certain skin tones). Also, we don’t typically recommend wearing all black near your face, as it can make you look older

• Another thing to keep in mind when choosing your wardrobe is the background we’ll be filming in front of. You don’t want to blend in – you want to contrast nicely, and stand out, so that your image pops on screen

• With regards to what style of clothing to wear, you want to make sure it’s in alignment with the image you’re trying to present to your ideal client (who is the target audience for your videos). Look professional – based on what a professional in your line of work would wear – and make sure you feel comfortable, beautiful, and “at your best”

Steve & Jaime Geffner

Below are some pictures of some good wardrobe choices that looked great on camera, and really made the on-camera talent’s image pop on screen:

When we film a series of Influencer Videos, we are typically filming 12-24 (or more) videos in one day of filming. That being said, many of our clients choose to change their outfit (or shirt) for each new video, so that when each video gets posted on their YouTube channel or blog, viewers can easily tell one video from another. Other clients choose to change outfits every 2, 3, or 4 videos, and then rotate the video order, so that viewers don’t see the same outfit 2 weeks in a row. How many times you change is up to you, and your personal preferences.

Also, as an added option to your Influencer Videos package, if requested, we can film b-roll footage to include in your Influencer Videos (additional fees apply) to make your videos look more dynamic and engaging. If you would like to add b-roll footage into your Influencer Videos, in addition to the outfits that you will wear for your interview, you will also need a different outfit or “look” for each different b-roll shot we are planning to get (b-roll is the video footage we will film of you doing your work in the world, that tells the visual story of your brand). So once we decide on all the b-roll shots that we are planning to capture, and how many times you will be changing outfits during the interview, then we can determine how many total outfits you’ll need on our day of filming.

In the meantime, please start to gather a bunch of different looks together, and then we can decide what look to use for each interview question and/or b-roll shot. Make sure you incorporate several different colors – pinks, blues, purples, greens, and whatever other colors are your best colors. Keep in mind, even if you have a dominant color for your brand, we don’t just want everything you wear to be a different shade of the exact same color. Ideally, we would have a rainbow of great colors to look at in your videos.