We offer in-person VIP video production services where we produce, film, and edit your video project for you.

This is the traditional model of video production, where everything is completely done for you in-person.

To make that happen, either we come to your location, or you come to ours. We provide the equipment and crew, and you just bring yourself.

Below are the types of videos we typically produce for clients in-person:

A Brand Story Video is the main, centerpiece video that shows your ideal clients who you are, what you do, why you’re passionate about it, how you help them, and most importantly, what makes you unique or different from everyone else out there who does something similar to what you do.

Promo Videos are the perfect video for you if you are launching a book, a new website, or a new program, trying to get booked as a speaker, or hosting your own in-person or virtual events.

Online Product, Course & Program Videos are essential if you’re wanting to leverage your knowledge and expertise by creating passive revenue for your business through online products, courses, or programs.

Content Marketing Videos are the perfect type of video to nurture your audience, educate viewers about how you can help them, and establish yourself as the go-to expert in your field. They are typically published and promoted regularly on your social media pages, your YouTube channel, in your email marketing, and on your blog.

Sales Funnel Videos are the perfect type of video to use in the Sales & Conversions phase of the customer journey. They help your viewers understand your offers, and make it easier for them to say “YES!”

Client Experience Videos are the perfect type of video to use in the Client Retention & Re-Engagement phase of the customer journey. They help your clients and customers get the most out of their purchase, and stay engaged throughout the entire process of working with you.

Client Testimonial Videos are videos where your clients share their experience of working with your company, including the best results they’ve achieved since working with you.