As a business owner, how many times have you heard from a potential new customer or client, “Well, I would work with you, but I really don’t have time to take on anything new right now.”

Or maybe it’s something like, “I would absolutely love to work with you right now. I know it would be totally worth it. But I honestly just don’t have the money right now to pay you for your product or service.”

Well, being in business for 12+ years, and hearing this many times from many different people, we’re going to translate this message for you, and help you to spin it in your favor.

You do not want to miss today’s video PSA.

What does “no” actually mean

The first thing you need to understand is that “no” does not actually mean no. It actually means something very specific, and that’s, “not right now.” You see, it’s really simple if you break it down and think a little bit deeper about what someone is actually communicating to you.

If someone says to you, “I literally don’t have any money,” but then they hire a new employee, or they go on a big vacation, or they get the newest iPhone when it comes out, do they really have no money?

And if someone says something like “I have no time,” but then they end up squeezing in an extra 5 hours a week to go to the gym, or they spend 30 minutes a day on social media, or they spend 2 hours a day binge-watching shows on Netflix, do they really have no time? Of course, not. It’s not true that they have no time or no money.

It’s just not their priority

What’s true is that your product or service is simply not their priority. The truth is that we always find time and money for the things that we value, and that we deem are important to us at the time. So, if someone says they have no time or money, what they’re really saying is, “I don’t want to spend my time or money on you, or your products or services at this time.” Or in other words, “Working with your company is simply not a priority for me right now.”

Now, this is both good news and bad news. The bad news is it may feel like you’re unimportant to them, and that’s not really a good feeling. But the good news is that you do have the opportunity to show them why they should consider you to be valuable or essential.

That means it is your most important job to show them how what you do can help them right now. And if you’re not showing them your true value, then they’re not able to respond to it in a way that you may want them to. Or they may not just be able to see it the way that you want them to see it.

Capitalize on the need

A perfect example is video. We have spent years trying to convince people to prioritize using video.

Now, fortunately, or unfortunately, with what’s going on in the world right now, and people not being able to connect in person the way they normally have been able to connect, video has almost overnight become much more of an urgent matter as a much-needed way to connect with customers in a virtual world. So, for us, we’re really drilling down on this message in our marketing. And it’s not just so that we can make more money as a company, although that’s certainly necessary for a business, it’s that this is a great time to finally get people into action.

It’s key to act now at a time when they feel and know that it’s important, because they’re missing the connection that they’re used to having with their clients and customers. So, we as a company, are naturally and organically capitalizing on the need that was created for what we do through the current world situation. We’re 100% focused on showing people why video should be a priority for them right now, and how it will help them reach the goals that they already have for their business.

And you need to do the exact same thing in your business. It is your job to help people understand the need for what you do. And if you can’t see a need, then you need to create one. That is perhaps your greatest work as a business owner, and especially if you’re in the role of CCO, or Chief Convincing Officer.

Make video a priority

We talked on a recent episode of Video Means Business about making sure that your clients view you as an essential part of their lives or business. And if you do that, then it will become their priority to hire you, and to continue to work with you. So, we want to invite you to make video a priority in your business right now, and to help you do that, we’ve created something really special. It’s called Video Attraction Lab, and it’s a monthly membership community that is all about getting business owners into action with video on a consistent and ongoing basis.

We’re filling a huge gap in the market by helping people who say they want to be doing video, but aren’t doing it, or who have tried it once or a few times, but not continued with it. We’re making it easy and doable and exciting by putting the dots really close together for you, giving you simple instructions, and easy assignments where you will make measurable progress every single month without getting overwhelmed.

This is for YOU!

If you’re a business owner who knows that video can help you, but you’ve been afraid or overwhelmed by it in the past, this is for you. We’ve heard you, and we are excited to help you finally feel like you can do this, and get you into action. We only open up enrollment a few times each year for Video Attraction Lab, so you can go to to join the waitlist to be notified the next time enrollment opens up for the club.

And in the meantime, please stay safe, stay well, stay connected, and stay inspired to step into your entrepreneurial greatness with video.

Steve & Jaime Geffner

Steve & Jaime Geffner are video marketing strategists, and an award-winning husband & wife video producing team. They are the creators of Geffner Productions, where they inspire business owners to step into their greatness with video. Since 2010, they have produced, filmed and edited over 3,000 online videos for hundreds of business owners, for their websites, blogs, social media pages, online courses, live events, and more.