What can you learn from Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz about being authentic on video? Find out in this week’s episode of “Let’s Talk Video!”


Today’s viewer question comes from Melissa in Portland, OR. She writes:

Dear Steve & Jaime,
I see a lot of people doing their online videos in many different ways and I’m not sure which way is right for me and my business. I see some people being funny in their videos, I see some people being more serious and corporate in their videos, and I’ve even seen some people be more “woo woo” in their videos. Can you help me figure out what the best style of video is for me?

Thanks for your question, Melissa. This is a wonderful topic of discussion so let’s dive right in!

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The first thing we want to say is that the most important goal of online video is to build an emotional connection with your viewers. This will ultimately result in them becoming loyal fans, followers and customers of you, your products and your services. That being said, the video style that is right for you is the one that’s most authentic to who you are as a person, and what your business is all about.

Now authenticity is a word that gets used a lot, so to start out, let’s talk a little bit about what it is. Webster’s dictionary defines “authentic” as: real or genuine, not copied or false; true and accurate. In other words, being authentic is all about being YOU.

Authenticity Tip #1: Be who you are and create your own unique style, personality and brand

This means if you’re naturally funny, then be funny. If you’re a more serious person, then it’s ok to be more serious. In fact, if you are more serious, or if your subject matter is on the serious side, then trying to be funny might seem like a stretch. Your attempt at humor may not land the way you want it to with your audience. Not only that, but will it probably not come very easily to you. The key is to embrace and utilize your strengths as an on-camera personality, while making sure that your style is appropriate to the audience you’re trying to connect with.

A great example of someone who comes across as completely authentic in her online videos and has built a lasting brand as a result is Marie Forleo. Marie’s brand is all about creating a business and life you love, and she has done hundreds of videos over the past few years, sharing advice in her area of expertise on her weekly online TV show, Marie TV. If you haven’t checked her out already, you can visit her website at MarieForleo.com. Marie is a wonderful example of how to be authentic on video by being yourself, allowing your natural personality to come across, and embracing being exactly who you are!

Authenticity Tip #2: Identify what’s most important to you and what you stand for

In order to be authentic, you need to know who you are, what your values are and what your priorities are. Once you’ve identified these things you can start making decisions from a place of knowing what’s true for you and what’s right for your business. And then, you can infuse your personal beliefs and values into your company culture, creating an environment where everybody is on the same page about what the company stands for and what type of behavior is acceptable and appropriate.

Authenticity Tip #3: Don’t try to copy other people’s styles

One of the biggest mistakes we see entrepreneurs make with their online videos is trying to copy what other people are doing. The problem with trying to copy someone else is that most of the time you fall short, and come off looking like an amateur version of someone else. This certainly doesn’t give people the impression that you are genuine or authentic. Our advice? Don’t try to copy other people’s styles. Create your own. Remember, your only job is to do as good a job as you possibly can, at being you!

Authenticity Tip #4: Trust that you will attract your ideal audience

Keep in mind that once you do start expressing yourself authentically on video, some people will resonate with you and your personality and style, and others won’t – and that’s okay! The ones who do resonate with you are your true audience, or your “tribe”, as some people like to call it. The good thing about that is if you are being true to who you really are, then you will attract the right people to you. And those people will more than likely become your very best clients and customers.

Thanks so much for your question Melissa, we really hope that advice helped!

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