Getting Over Your Fears of Being On-Camera


Now that your video shoot is fast approaching, are you:

  • Nervous about getting in front of the camera?
  • Worried about what you’re going to say, or that the words won’t flow?
  • Losing sleep because of the anxiety this is causing you?

We have a solution, and it’s our gift to you…
We have invested in a healing meditation
to help you get over your fears of being on camera!

Lisa Thomas

Lisa Thomas is a transformational leader, gifted healer and intuitive coach. She integrates business with her natural gifts to help her clients embrace all of life.

Working with talented people from all walks of life, to help them get their gifts and talents into the world in a more significant way; she believes everyone deserves to be seen, known and heard for who they are.

Lisa is devoted to reconnecting people to their Soul’s purpose, so they can experience more love, joy and financial abundance.

She has helped thousands of people worldwide to achieve their business and life goals by releasing Inherited Emotional DNA, such as fear of success, fear of failure, anxiety, procrastination, fear of public speaking, false money beliefs, relationship drama, and business stagnation.

She does this within her small-group programs, private coaching and Meditation Healing Activation products.

Lisa Thomas put together this healing meditation specially for our video production clients.

By listening to this healing meditation you will:

  • Release inherited fears of being judged and rejected, including releasing anxiety, overwhelm, self-doubt, the need to always be perfect, and so much more
  • Feel confident every time you step in front of the camera… or if you’ve been too afraid to get in front of the camera, then this will help you gain the courage you need to finally break through that barrier and get over that hump!

Simply click play below to
access the healing meditation audio or
click “Download Now” to download directly to your computer

Here are some suggestions as you listen to this healing meditation:

  • For best results, use earphones when listening to this healing meditation
  • We suggest you listen to this audio 2-3 times per week leading up to your shoot, but please allow at least 48 hours between listening sessions, as your body needs time to recover and heal. Each time you listen, your body will find more to release. Keep in mind that you might be tired after listening as your body is processing
  • Avoid watching TV news or listening to news on the radio between listening sessions
  • Make sure you drink lots of water before and after you listen to this healing meditation