Do you already know that you WANT and NEED to be using online video in your business, but you haven’t felt ready to start filming videos quite yet? Feel like you still need help getting clear on your messaging, figuring out which specific offers you want to utilize video for, and understanding how video can be powerful and effective at helping you reach your specific business goals? Are you looking for support, guidance, and hand-holding to help you finally “get in the game of video”? Check out our program, which was designed and built just for you!

The longer they stay, the more likely they’ll pay…





“I know I NEED to do online video for my business but I’ve been avoiding it because…”

  • “I don’t know where to start!” – You don’t know WHAT types of videos to do, how long they should be, or what to say in your videos.

  • “I don’t have the right team!” – You don’t know WHO to turn to for help with your videos – you want your videos to look and feel professional and beautiful, and be a true reflection of your brand, but you haven’t found the right production team to help you make that happen.

  • “It’s too expensive!” – You don’t know HOW you’re going to be able to pay for all of this. You know it’s a necessary investment in your business, but until now you’ve put it off because of the cost, even though you truly believe it’s critical to your long-term success.

And if all that’s not enough, you also have a few more nagging concerns:

  • “I don’t have the time!” – You are a very busy entrepreneur with an already packed schedule, so how in the world are you going to get this done?

  • “I hate being on-camera!” – You know online video is important, and that you have a powerful message to share, but that doesn’t change the fact that you feel both nervous and uncomfortable at the thought of putting yourself out there via video.

  • “I don’t know what to wear!” – You’re not a fashion expert (or a stylist), and you aren’t sure what’s going to look great (and make you feel your best) on-camera.

“I have expanded my mailing list by more than 3,000 names in the last 12 months
because of the video series that we put together.”

Dallas Travers

Dallas Travers, Creative Career Coach
“I was on my way to clearing the mid-six-figure mark with my business when I hired Jaime and Steve,
and I have only one regret: I wish I’d done it sooner!”

Melissa McFarlane

Melissa McFarlane, Creative Successful Entrepreneurs

Why do you need video anyway?

(Well don’t just take our word for it…)

Check out these AMAZING statistics:

play-button_321/3 of all online activity is spent watching video (Digital Sherpa)

play-button_3280% of your online visitors will watch a video, while only 20% will actually read content in its entirety (Digital Sherpa)

play-button_32Landing pages with video can increase conversions by 80% (Brightcove)

play-button_32After viewing a video, 75% of users check out a marketer’s website (Digital Sherpa)

play-button_32Visitors who watch a video stay on sites 2x as long, and look through 2x as many pages vs. those who don’t see video (Kiss Metrics)

play-button_32Videos increase consumers’ understanding of a company’s product or service by 74% (Digital Sherpa)

play-button_3250% of YouTube users watch business-related videos once a week (Digital Sherpa)

play-button_32When marketers include a video in an email, click-through rates increase by 200%-300% (Forrester)

play-button_32Online video increases conversion rates by 65% (Aberdeen)

play-button_32Nearly 60% of B2B marketers rate videos as the most effective content marketing tactic (Toprank)


Get in the Game of Video

The Get in the Game of Video program is a REVOLUTIONARY SOLUTION
to the procrastination you’ve been experiencing around online video.
It’s designed to get you in the game right away, with both the video production
& ongoing support you need, and without breaking the bank.

Here’s what’s involved…

We make video easy, fun, cost-effective, and efficient!
Busy entrepreneurs like you get expert, hands-on guidance & coaching
to get top-notch, high-quality videos done in record time.

Get in the Game of Video Lite


(3 Months)

white-checkmarkGet your feet wet with video, while staying on a tighter budget!

white-checkmarkGain valuable 1st time filming experience in a safe environment

white-checkmarkGet on-camera coaching on how to deliver your content effectively

white-checkmarkPractice using a teleprompter

white-checkmarkGet your first short marketing video produced, filmed & edited

Get in the Game of Video Original


(6 Months)

white-checkmarkEverything you need to get started powerfully with online video!

white-checkmarkGet your most important, most impressive “Brand Story Video” done!

white-checkmarkGain valuable on-camera experience on multiple days of filming with us

white-checkmarkSet yourself up for long-term success with online video

white-checkmarkStand out from your competitors

Get in the Game of Video Elite


(12 Months)

white-checkmarkA complete, year-long VIP solution

white-checkmarkMake video a regular part of your ongoing marketing strategy

white-checkmarkGet all your videos professionally produced, filmed & edited by us!

white-checkmarkGain confidence in your ability to speak comfortably on-camera

white-checkmarkBecome THE go-to authority in your area of expertise

What’s included at each level:

Get in the Game of Video Lite
Get in the Game of Video Original
Get in the Game of Video Elite

# of months of direct access & coaching with the Geffners




Monthly private phone calls

Get in the Game of Video Lite

Monthly group Q&A calls

Get in the Game of Video Lite

1/2 day in-person deep dive strategy session

# of individual spots on an in-studio Group Day of Filming




# of customizable Private Days of Filming



Professional makeup on all your days of filming

Get in the Game of Video Lite

Script templates for your key videos

Get in the Game of Video Lite

Personalized help with content creation for all videos we produce together

Get in the Game of Video Lite

In-person coaching and direction on how to deliver your message, so it resonates and connects with your ideal clients

Get in the Game of Video Lite

Basic YouTube channel optimization

Questionnaires, downloads, and other exercises to continuously move you forward in the process, and help you get clear on your messaging and branding

Get in the Game of Video Lite

Lifetime access to 6 training modules on:

• Your Big Picture Video Plan
• How to Build Credibility With Video
• How To Make Money With Video
• How to Become a Go-To Expert Using Video
• How to Get Ready For Filming
• What To Do With Your Videos After They’re Finished
Get in the Game of Video Lite

Guest expert trainings on:

• Online Marketing
• Personal Brand & Image
• Social Media
• Blogging
• Financial Stress Reduction
• Healthy Living
• Public Speaking
• On-Camera Confidence
Get in the Game of Video Lite

Who is the Get in the Game of Video Program Right For?

Get in the Game of Video Lite

You’re just starting your business and trying to set yourself up for long-term success.

You know the importance of coming out of the gate with a strong brand and high-quality marketing materials that will get you the right kind of attention, right away from your ideal clients.

Get in the Game of Video Original

You’ve been in business for 2-5 years, and you’re ready to take your business and your brand to the next level.

Your current marketing materials are not getting you the results you want, and you know it’s time to step up your game so you can reach more people and make more money!

Get in the Game of Video Elite

You know who you are: thought leaders, mavericks, game-changers, healers, teachers, inventors and “better-ists”!

You know that in order to achieve your goals you need to expand your reach so you can inspire more people, make a bigger impact, and create a lasting legacy with your life’s work.

“My videos are more professional, they’re getting my message across, they’re really letting people see who I am,
and being really authentic to me and my information.”

Linda P. Jones

Linda P. Jones, Wealth Mentor
“From the first phone call I had with Jaime, she assured me that I’d be able to do this,
even though I’m not used to being on-camera.”

Christie Miller

Christie Miller, Healthy Living Architect
“If you want to have a great image, if you want your brand to POP, you need to have the experts on your team.
You need Jaime and Steve. You need Geffner Productions.”

JJ Virgin

JJ Virgin, Nutrition & Fitness Expert
“They made it so easy for me to be able to get my message out
to the people I’m trying to reach.”

Keri Newell

Keri Newell, Relationship Success Expert

Sample Branded Marketing Videos

(Your Group Day of Filming can be used to film a Branded Marketing Video)

Sample Brand Story Videos

(Your Private Day of Filming can be used to film a Brand Story Video)

Sample Tips Videos

(Your Private Day of Filming can be used to film a series of Tips Videos)

Sample Program Videos

(Your Private Day of Filming can be used to film a series of videos for your Online Course or Program)

Join the Get in the Game of Video Program now
and receive these 4 incredible bonuses!

Bonus #1

Online presence audit

In order to help you move forward powerfully, we need to find out where you’re starting from. We’ll take a look at your current online properties, assess the situation, and make recommendations to help you strengthen your online presence.

Bonus #2

Unlimited email access to the Geffners!

We know you need lots of attention and hand-holding, so we include the ability for you to get your questions answered by email at any time during the course of your program.

Bonus #3

facebook-icon_64Private Facebook group!

A great place to meet fellow, like-minded entrepreneurs. Get your questions answered, get feedback on your videos, and gain support from your community. You may even meet your next client!

Bonus #4

Guest expert interviews!

We know we’re not the only experts you need to hear from to have success in your business, so we’ve got you covered with interviews from experts in image & branding, online marketing, social media, blogging, and more!

Our Guest Experts:

Lisa Bollow

Lisa Bollow

Online Marketing

JuliAnn Stitick

JuliAnn Stitick

Personal Brand & Image

Allison Volk

Allison Volk

The Blog Babe

Christie Miller

Christie Miller

Healthy Living

Chellie Campbell

Chellie Campbell

Financial Stress Reduction

Mimi Donaldson

Mimi Donaldson

Speech Coach

Liz Papagni

Liz Papagni

Social Media

Moniqua Plante

Moniqua Plante

On-Camera Confidence

Christine Alisa

“I recently completed the Get in the Game of Video Program with Jaime and Steve Geffner and found it to not only to stretch me profoundly, but it also helped provide a clear direction in my business. I now have excellent videos that speak to who I am, and are making a positive impact on my business. Jaime & Steve’s step-by-step approach gave me a new confidence in creating videos for myself. I appreciated their direction, support and guidance throughout the program. GITGOV teaches you what is needed in a video to attract clients so you leave the program with a new skill set. I am grateful to both of them for this powerful experience and recommend it to all who are wanting to expand their businesses and realize the power of video.”

Christine Alisa, Alternative Therapist

Jaime Geffner

Jaime Geffner


We know you need to talk to us to get your
questions answered, and to make sure the
Get in the Game of Video program
is the right fit for you.

Steve Geffner

Steve Geffner