If you’re like most business owners we know,
the Coronavirus pandemic is
causing your business to change

With social distancing, and a shelter-at-home order
in effect for much of the country,
people are feeling isolated and alone.

Your customers are scared and anxious,
due to massive uncertainty.

Your clients need to hear from you now,
more than ever.

They need to know that you’re here for them, and that you’re not going anywhere.

They need HOPE, and the reassurance that you can still take care of their needs today… possibly even better than you could before this crisis started.

They want to know that you are thinking about them, and creating new and innovative ways to help them during this challenging time.

And you need to deliver that message quickly and confidently.

We can help, with our brand new,
“DONE-WITH-YOU” video production service.

In light of the Coronavirus situation, we’ve come up with a new way to help
business owners that’s timely, budget-conscious, and effective.

Watch our video below, to meet us and learn more.

Geffner Productions

Video Production Services

Regular Price:

Only $4,500*

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*Our non-refundable discounted “Corona Special” rate is only available for a limited time

Think about the incredible opportunity that you have right now, to become the leader you’ve always wanted to be, and to…

Step Into Your Entrepreneurial Greatness

… all with the intention of doing good, and being of service to people who truly need your help.

It is critical to
with your customers!

And that’s where we come in…

We’re Steve & Jaime Geffner, Video Producers & Video Marketing Strategists, and we’ve been helping business owners powerfully connect with their clients and customers for over a decade.

Before that, we both worked in Hollywood for TV Shows like Dr. Phil and Frasier, where we learned the art and skill of production, and making high-quality, broadcast-level entertainment that attracts and keeps the attention of viewers.

For years we’ve been doing high-end, totally DONE-FOR-YOU video production services for our clients, but due to the changing landscape of the world today, we too have been forced to pivot our business and come up with new and innovative ways to help our clients, without being able to work with them in person, or with the type of budget our high-end services typically require.

But, we still want to help as many people as we can.

Introducing our brand new,
low-cost video production services…

We’ll help you create professional videos right now,
that keep you IN COMMUNICATON with your customers,
and help you connect in a high-quality way,
without breaking the bank!

Our “Done With You” low-cost video production service
allows you to film your own videos at home
(with our detailed coaching and guidance, of course),
and then send us the footage to professionally edit
and upload your videos for you.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: YOU FILM

You film your own videos with our expert coaching and guidance, including what equipment to use, and technical and creative filming tips.

Step 2: WE EDIT

You send us your raw footage, and we professionally edit your videos for you, including custom graphics, and music.


Once your videos are finalized and approved, we upload your videos to your YouTube channel or social media pages for you!

We Are Your Virtual Video Team!

Don’t worry – we will provide detailed instructions and coaching that will allow you to film easily and cost-effectively! We’re here for you and we’ve got your back. You can do this… with our help!

The Filming Process

The Filming Process

We’ll have 2 pre-production Zoom calls with you, to guide you about exactly what videos to do for your audience, how to script your videos, how and where to film them, including the technical filming tips, and so much more.

The Editing Process

The Editing Process

You send us the footage to edit, along with your company logo, and we take care of everything from there. You get your completed videos to review and approve within a week.

The Uploading Process

The Uploading Process

We upload your finished videos to your YouTube channel, and up to 2 of your social media sites. We also send you the finished video files for you to be able to upload anywhere else you want on your own.

Geffner Productions

Video Production Services

Regular Price:

Only $4,500*

Buy Now

*Our non-refundable discounted “Corona Special” rate is only available for a limited time

What’s Included:


You get 3 Zoom calls (plus detailed instructions) to cover:

  • What video(s) you’re going to film

  • How to write your scripts, using our proprietary script templates

  • Technical filming tips (including equipment recommendations and how to set it up)

  • Creative filming tips (including advice on how and where to film your videos)

  • Guidance about your on-camera presence and delivery (including on-camera confidence, and wardrobe tips)

  • Coaching about what to do with your finished videos, and next steps

PLUS a virtual Wardrobe Strategy Session with Christine Vartanian of jade. for all seasons to plan out your outfits for the video(s) you’re going to record (a $250 value, included at no additional cost to you)

Video Editing:

We professionally edit your video(s) for you, including:

  • Professional editing of either 2 “talking-head” videos, less than 3 minutes long each OR 1 “talking-head” video with added b-roll footage, less than 5 minutes long

  • Choosing between multiple takes (2 takes per video max)

  • Adding music, if appropriate

  • Adding custom graphics – chyron, bug/logo, end screen

  • Audio correction

  • Color correction

The Uploading Process:

We handle the uploading of your videos for you, including:

  • Uploading of your finished videos to YouTube and 2 other social sites (of your choice)

  • Uploading of video transcripts / close captions for each video we edit

  • Uploading of custom video thumbnail images for each video we edit

Examples of the types of videos to film:

• Message from the CEO to inspire hope and confidence

• Value-rich videos that educate and entertain your audience

• Personalized videos to your key clients or prospects

• Sales Page or “Special Offer” Videos that are timely and relevant

• “Thank You” Videos or other marketing funnel videos

Geffner Productions

Video Production Services

Regular Price:

Only $4,500*

Buy Now

Just click the button on this page to get started,
and we’ll immediately get in touch with you, and
you’ll be on your way to having professionally
edited videos in your hands, ready to share with
your clients and customers, in no time!

*Our non-refundable discounted “Corona Special” rate is only available for a limited time