The Content Marketing Videos Program

If you're like most small business owners, you need to grow your audience!

Only then can you get to…

Here’s what you need to know…

The vast majority of leads are not ready to buy from you the first time they meet you (that would be like asking someone to marry you the same day you first laid eyes on them).

The simple fact is you need to be willing to “date” your potential customers for a little while before they are ready to purchase your offers.

The easiest way to do this is through content marketing. And a major shortcut to warming customers up is to use VIDEO in your content marketing, because video is significantly more engaging than written copy, and creates an instant emotional connection with your ideal clients (aka those customers who are the right fit for your brand).

But not just ANY video will do…

It has to be “GOOD VIDEO” – and what we mean by that is video that produces RESULTS in the form of more engaged leads and more loyal customers.

For video content marketing to be considered “good” it has to:

Capture attention immediately

• Share an important or interesting message

• Show your viewers why they should care

• Match the level of quality of your products and services

• Establish you (the on-camera talent) as a leading authority and go-to trusted expert in your industry

• Be done consistently so people know they can count on you/your company to provide guidance and advice

Is this you?

Are you doing a decent job ATTRACTING new leads for your business, but feel like you’re not MAXIMIZING the opportunity to warm those prospects up to your products & services?

Does it feel like you’re wasting all the money you spent on acquiring those new leads in the first place?

If you’re serious about leveraging your expertise and establishing yourself as THE Go-To Expert in your industry, we can help.

Our proven process turns cold leads into warm prospects who are ready and eager to buy from you.

The Content Marketing Videos Program is a 1-year project, strategically designed to help you nurture and grow your audience, and ultimately create paying customers.

We’ll work together on 1 new video per month! The goal is to get you into a habit of doing regular video content to connect with your ideal clients, grow your confidence, increase your credibility, and build a loyal audience who is interested in buying from you, and sharing your products and services with others!


Month 1:

We will strategize together, to come up with a show concept for your Content Marketing Videos, to make them totally branded to you, and fun! We’ll create an easy-to-follow show format that your ideal customers will want to watch, and look forward to seeing month after month.

We will also help you with episode ideas, an order for the episodes you will be filming, and a repeatable system to create compelling video content moving forward.

Month 2:

We will create a custom graphics package for the show, that will be used on ALL videos in the series.

We’ll guide you with the scripting for the first video, and share a template to follow for writing all video scripts moving forward.

You will record the first video (we’ll make sure you know exactly what to do) and you will send us the footage.

Month 3:

We’ll edit the first video for you, using the custom graphics package we will have created together.

You will review and approve the first video, and then we’ll follow the same process for the remaining videos that we work on together (aiming for 1 new video to be recorded, edited, and published per month, as soon as we get the system up and running!)

Months 4-12:

We’ll repeat the process and edit 1 new video per month.

We’ll also provide coaching calls every few months, as necessary. You probably will need more coaching and guidance in the beginning, and then you won’t need as much – after that, it will be more about accountability and taking action, knowing what to do, and in what order, to reach your goals.


The Content Marketing Videos Program

In summary, here are all the things this program includes:

• Strategy

• Creation of a show concept

• Ideas for episodes

• Scripting template & review of the first few scripts (the goal is to teach you and empower you to do this on your own)

• Creation of a custom graphics package for the show (once this is created & approved, it will be used on ALL the videos)

• YouTube video optimization (for each video we do together)

• Guidance on distribution/what to do with finished videos for maximum effect – we will walk you through the process

• You will write, film and send us video footage for 1 video monthly (we’ll give you guidelines for what we need)

• We will edit for you, upload to your YouTube channel, and optimize each video for you

• We’ll complete up to 10 videos in the 12-month timeline we’ve committed to (we are anticipating that we won’t have the 1st video done until Month 3; how many we can do in total depends on your clarity, commitment to the process, and the speed at which you can deliver the monthly video content to us. If all goes according to plan and stays on track, we can do a maximum of 10 videos together, during the first 12 months.)

• At the end of our time together, we will give you the graphical assets we will have created for your video series/show. You can either have another editor continue to edit future episodes for you after that, or we could create a monthly continuity plan at the end of our contract, if you love the accountability and the end results, and you want us to continue working on Content Marketing Videos with you.

Plus, These 2 AMAZING Limited-Time Bonuses Make Joining Right Now An Absolute No-Brainer!

Plus, These 2 AMAZING Limited-Time Bonuses Make Joining Right Now An Absolute No-Brainer!

Bonus #1

Video Attraction Lab (VAL) is our membership community for business owners and their teams.

In VAL, we train you and guide you about how to use video in your business. We also answer all your questions, and provide feedback on your DIY videos, to make sure that every video you put out in the world will provide you with great results.

For as long as you continue with this program, we’ll cover the cost of your membership in VAL.

Value $2,997 (per year)

Bonus #2

YouTube Channel Optimization

In addition to optimizing each individual Content Marketing Video when we upload it to your YouTube channel for you, we’ll also optimize your entire YouTube channel, to increase the chances that your channel and videos will be found in online searches.

Value $1,497


Below are samples of a few content marketing videos that were produced completely VIRTUALLY with our clients.

Jennifer Reynolds
(Sauce Goddess Product Line)

Jenn David Connolly
(Food Brand Packaging Design)

Jane Snell-Simpson
(Aging-In-Place Contractor)

Teena Evert
(Integral Psychotherapist)

Michelle Perkins
(Money Coach)


The Content Marketing Videos Program

12 Monthly Payments:
$1,500 per month

*Includes 2 months of strategy & pre-production to create the show concept and get the process started, plus 10 months of production – completing up to 1 content marketing video per month