So, now that your Brand Story Video is done,
are you wondering what’s next?

We want to help you maximize the time we spent filming with you,
so we have the PERFECT next step! It’s our Influencer Videos introductory package…

Jaime & Steve Geffner

What is an Influencer Video?

An Influencer Video is an interview-style video where you talk in short clips or sound bites about your signature philosophies, your unique point of view in your area of expertise, your passion for what you do, your personal journey to get to where you are now, and any other relevant information that helps people get to know you better, connect emotionally with you, and distinguish you from your competitors.

The best part for you is that since we already filmed your Brand Story Video interview, we have a ton of great additional interview footage that didn’t get used in the finished Brand Story Video itself, but that would make GREAT stand-alone Influencer Videos (typically 30 seconds to 2 minutes long each) that can be repurposed as part of your ongoing content marketing strategy – for use on social media, in email marketing campaigns, on a website, in a Facebook ad buy, etc.

Why our Influencer Videos introductory offer is a total no-brainer:

  • YOU NEED CONTENT MARKETING: You’ve heard you need to be doing content marketing on a consistent basis, so this is a great way to start, with minimal effort on your part!

  • IT’S QUICK & EASY: Your most challenging part of your video filming experience is already done! Now, all you have to do is sit back, and let us edit more great videos for you

  • SAVE MONEY & MAXIMIZE YOUR INVESTMENT: You don’t have to pay for another day of filming with us – we have so much unused, leftover footage from your Brand Story Video interview that didn’t make it into your finished Brand Story Video – it would be a shame to let it go to waste, and not maximize the money you’ve already spent to film with us!

  • THIS WILL SAVE YOU TIME & ENERGY, AND REDUCE STRESS: Your marketing team will LOVE you for this. If they’ve been asking you for regular content that you can promote, this will save you a ton of time, and take all of the pressure off you to create something new

Influencer Videos Introductory Offer
(videos edited from leftover footage from you Brand Story Video interview):
Starting at $1,500 – includes the editing of the first 5 Influencer Videos

Influencer Videos Introductory Offer Details:

  • Once you commit to moving forward with a minimum of 5 Influencer Videos, we will go back through your original Brand Story Video interview and make a complete list of every additional video that can be edited for you, including a title, length of each video, and a brief summary of the content included

  • You then review the list (lists typically contain between 10-30 possible additional videos), and choose which specific videos from the list you want us to edit for you

  • This introductory offer includes editing of a minimum of 5 total Influencer Videos, however additional videos (beyond the first 5) can be added for an additional $300 each

  • Per video cost of $300 does not include adding in b-roll footage, which can be done for an additional fee of $200 per video (for a total of $500 each)

  • NOTE: these videos are not intended to look like your Brand Story Video, which is why the editing costs are minimal; See sample Influencer Videos below

Sample Influencer Videos:

If you had hired us to film an entire series of Influencer Videos for you
on a private day of filming, in addition to time spent to prepare your content,
you would be making a significant additional financial investment in your new content marketing videos.
So this is a GREAT way to leverage the time and money you already spent on your original day of production!

If you would like to add this Influencer Videos introductory offer
to your video production project, email us today!