Brand Story Video Countdown Checklist 

90 days to a successful Brand Story Video shoot 

Congratulations again on making the commitment to have your Brand Story Video produced, filmed, and edited by Geffner Productions!

We typically work together for a period of 90 days to get your Brand Story Messaging process completed, and leading up to your Brand Story Video shoot date. We normally schedule filming dates about 8 weeks in advance – that’s the average amount of time it takes us and our clients to find a filming date that works, and fully prepare for our day of filming. If you choose to move forward with a filming date more quickly, that’s not a problem. You’ll just need to commit to completing all the prep work at a more accelerated pace.

Just so you know exactly what to expect, below you’ll find a Countdown Checklist (along with some helpful links) that highlights all of the different elements of your Brand Story Video pre-production process that we will be working through together in the coming weeks.

There is a lot of useful information included below, and we will, of course, be here to guide you every step of the way, and to answer any questions you have as they come up.

For a “big picture” understanding of the main categories we’ll need to discuss together, click here for a more general overview of the entire Brand Story Video process.

The good news is you don’t need to worry about all of this information at one time. We are going to take it step-by-step, and guide you on the most important things to focus on all along the way, so that we can try to eliminate as much of the overwhelm for you as possible.

In the descriptions below, you will see text that is highlighted in blue. Click on those links to be taken to a separate page to learn more about that specific topic.

12 weeks before your video shoot:

11 weeks before your video shoot:

10 weeks before your video shoot:

  • Complete Brand Story Messaging for Video Call #1 with Jaime Geffner (Schedule your session here, if you haven’t done so already)

  • Schedule your Brand Story Video filming date

8 weeks before your video shoot:

6 weeks before your video shoot:

  • Complete Brand Story Messaging for Video Call #3 with Jaime Geffner (Schedule your session here, if you haven’t done so already)

  • Schedule video pre-production calls with the Geffners for 4 weeks before your shoot & 2 weeks before your shoot
  • Review Location Search Info and get started thinking about finding suitable filming locations for both your interview & b-roll shots
  • Think about any guests/people who need to be involved in your shoot, and check their availability for our upcoming filming date

5 weeks before your video shoot:

4 weeks before your video shoot:

3 weeks before your video shoot:

  • Firm up filming location(s) – send pictures to Jaime, if necessary

  • Firm up list of b-roll ideas

  • Talk to and formally invite guests – check their availability for the afternoon on our day of filming, and send Jaime any guest time constraints

  • Start to put together outfits and/or go shopping for clothing

  • Receive final list of Brand Story interview questions from Jaime, for your review

2 weeks before your video shoot:

  • Complete video pre-production call #2 with the Geffners (Schedule your session here, if you haven’t done so already) to make sure we are on track with all the details for your upcoming shoot

  • Review Brand Story interview questions & start preparing yourself mentally

  • Review Makeup & Hair Guidelines to prepare for your day of filming (email if needed)
  • Remind guests about the upcoming shoot, and get their final, firm commitment

  • Send instructions to guests about what to wear on-camera

  • Shop for clothing and accessories for the shoot

  • Get any clothes dry cleaned or tailored, as necessary

  • Get hair cut, colored, or refreshed

  • Get facial & brow shaping

1 week before your video shoot:

  • Reconfirm all guests
  • Practice going over interview questions

  • Final shopping for clothes, and put all outfits together

  • Pick up dry cleaning and/or clothes from tailor

  • Pick up any props you need for the shoot

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Get plenty of rest!

1 day before your video shoot:

  • Get nails done

  • Get hair blown out professionally, if necessary

  • Pick up flowers, if necessary

  • Prep and pack clothes

  • Prep and pack food for day of filming

  • Exercise and/or meditate

  • Pack bags

  • Print directions to location(s)

  • Drink water

  • Get plenty of rest!

The day of your video shoot:

  • Arrive on time

  • Get yourself into the makeup chair

  • Let us handle everything else!