Do your prospects and customers instantly connect with your brand?
What if you could make an emotional connection that moves them from
‘just interested’ to ‘engaged’ in less than 5 minutes?

Hi! We are Steve & Jaime Geffner, an award-winning, husband & wife video production team, and we have been helping entrepreneurs, small business owners & passionate professionals create compelling brand stories and promotional videos for their websites, events, and online products & programs since 2010.

After years of studying video marketing strategy, and producing thousands of videos for clients, our #1 recommendation for most business owners is to start with a Brand Story Video. The Brand Story Video is the single best way for you to powerfully connect with your ideal clients, create instant credibility and influence, highlight your unique differentiating factor, and ultimately convert more fans (and “lookie-loos”) into paying clients and customers.


“Since my video went live, my client referrals have almost doubled. People will always say, “What a great video, I really understand what you do”. In fact, when the final product came out, I cried with delight!”
Lori Michiel — Lori Michiel Fitness



Online Video Producers &
Video Marketing Strategists
for Entrepreneurs

What is the Brand Story Video Process?

The Brand Story Video is an interview-style video, less than 5 minutes long, that immediately connects you with your target audience. It tells viewers about who you are, what you do, why you do what you do, your background and experience, and most importantly, what makes your business unique or different from other businesses. This video answers the question for viewers: “why YOU?” And it shortens the client acquisition process, because after people watch this video, they either know for sure that they resonate and connect with you, your company values, and what you have to offer, or they move on quickly to another service provider who can give them what they want, need, and expect. It’s a true WIN-WIN for all involved parties.

What’s Included in the Brand Story Video Package:

Video Marketing Strategy Calls:

Before filming, we will spend time with you on a strategy call to map out our exact plan and get clear on your business goals and objectives. We’ll answer all of your questions to guarantee your success on the filming day.  After we film and complete your project, we will follow up with another online video marketing strategy call to help you maximize the use of your new Brand Story Video.

Pre-Production Interview Questionnaire & Planning:

With our plan in place, we can begin the pre-production process, which starts with having you fill out our customized Brand Story Video Questionnaire. Based on the information you share with us on your questionnaire, we create your personalized Brand Story Video interview questions that you will receive well in advance of our day of filming. During the pre-production phase we also talk about filming locations, wardrobe, on-camera presence, any guests who will be involved in the filming, and more.

Professional Video Production:

For the Brand Story Video, the filming day includes up to 8 hours of production in Southern California. First, you get your makeup professionally done (including hair touch-ups). Then, we film a 2-camera sit down interview (usually about 90 minutes), b-roll footage that supports/tells your brand story visually, and if requested, testimonials from some of your happiest clients.

Expert Editing & Post-Production:

For the Brand Story Video, editing includes: choosing the best sound bites from the Brand Story interview; cutting between multiple camera angles; adding in b-roll footage; audio correction; color correction; music; custom graphics that match your brand colors & style including: bug/logo, chyron/lower third, any other relevant graphics, and a custom branded end screen. Once edited, the video will be sent to you for review and approval. Each video includes one round of revisions, if necessary.

Simple Delivery of Video:

Once approved and finalized, we will upload your Brand Story Video to your YouTube channel for you. If requested, we can also provide you with the finished movie file via Dropbox. We will also provide you with a list of 13 ways to immediately begin using your finished Brand Story Video as soon as it is ready to be shared with the world. If you need any additional support with the launch/marketing of your Brand Story Video, we can provide that as well.

It’s that simple. We handle all of the details so you can do what you do best. Our clients trust us to help them bring out their very best on camera, and you can too!

We’ve filmed over 2,500 videos for business owners since 2010. 
Uplevel your brand with professional online videos.

The Geffner Productions team will handle everything for you!
Increase your brand credibility, connect with your prospects,
and showcase your business with a Brand Story Video.


Starting at $6500

*depending on options

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