How do you tell your brand story?

Did you know that 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product after watching an online video?

The most powerful way to connect with prospects online is with video. A Brand Story Video will connect with prospects and decisions makers faster than email alone.

As expert online video producers and marketing strategists, we help entrepreneurs and business owners develop and refine their brand story and then tell that story through professionally produced videos.

Below, we are sharing 2 quick tips on how to use your Brand Story Video to connect with people you meet at networking events or online.

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2 Tips on How to Get The Most Out of Your Brand Story Video When Networking

1.   Email the link out to people who you meet networking, or who you are referred to by others, which are potential clients or customers of your products and services.

A great strategy is when you get home from a networking event and you go to do your follow-up, you can email them your Brand Story Video link as part of your new follow-up routine.

This will help them to remember you, understand better what you do, and get excited about your products and services. If you are trying to schedule a call with a potential client or customer, this will help you to actually get that call in the books.

2.  Reconnect with past contacts. If you are following up with someone who you’ve already spoken with, this will help them to feel more inspired about your services, which will either give them the confidence to hire you for themselves, or help them feel more excited about sharing you with others. This may be the difference between someone deciding to work with you right now, or not.

So don’t be shy! People will be really excited to see this video and they will be super impressed with it. It will absolutely help your sales if you actually utilize it properly, so use it as much as you possibly can!

Don’t think about it as you bragging about yourself when you send it out. Rather, think of this video as an opportunity to succinctly and powerfully share what you do and who you help, so that your ideal clients who really need your help, can actually find you, and so that they will know for sure that you are the right fit for them when they do.

Remember, your ideal clients have been searching for you, as the answer to their problems. Your Brand Story Video is helping them to solve their problems. It may be the solution they’ve been praying for. And now it’s all wrapped up in a pretty, concise, inspiring bow.

So whatever you do, don’t leave the amazing gift wrapped in the closet, where no one can benefit from it. Share it with the world!

Steve & Jaime Geffner

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