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We want to help you maximize your time and efforts on the day of your video shoot!
Brand-Building Mini Photo Shoot Packages Now Available with Geffner Productions.

Schedule your mini photo session, as an add-on to your already scheduled video shoot.
Photos will be taken by the multi-talented makeup artist and photographer, Amber Sandquist. 

Amber Sandquist
Makeup Artist | Photographer

Why Your Brand Building Photo Shoot is a No Brainer:

  • You are already looking your best after the professional makeup and hair styling touch-ups

  • You are wearing your best brand-focused outfits

  • You can always use new images for your marketing campaigns

  • The behind-the-scenes images are GREAT for your social media, website and publicity shots

Brand-Building Mini Photo Shoot
(on your Brand Story Video filming day):
Only $375

Half-Day Photo Shoot Offer Details:

  • Professional headshots and behind-the-scenes photos taken during the first 1/2 day of production (up to 4 hours); this is done before, during, and immediately following the filming of your Brand Story Video interview

  • Your headshot will be taken in the same outfit and background as we film your interview; as a bonus, if time and location permits, we will also take shots outside in the same outfit, for an additional outdoor setting

You Will Receive:

  • 1 finished headshot, including retouching (you will get to choose 1 image — your favorite — for retouching, from all of the headshots taken during your session)

  • 5-10 candid, behind-the-scenes photos taken during your video shoot (great for use on your website, on social media, in email marketing, in FB advertising, or simply as a keepsake to remember your day of filming, and share with others!)

  • You will receive ALL the photos taken on set that day, so you may get even more great photos out of your photo session!

BONUS for a Brand Story Video Filming Day:

  • In addition to the professional headshots and behind-the-scenes photos taken by our professional photographer, we will also pull 5-10 still images from the b-roll footage filmed during your Brand Story Video shoot. These images are great for use on your website, on social media, and as part of your marketing efforts

Additional fees apply for the following added elements on half-day filming days:

  • Retouching of additional images (1 retouched image is already included in the pricing)

  • Additional looks/outfits (i.e. if you want to change your outfit and do 1 more different look; only available if time permits, as we will have a schedule to stick to for our video shoot)

  • Full day of behind the scenes and headshot photography (1/2 day of up to 4 hours is already included; if you want our makeup artist/photographer to stay all day, then an additional fee will apply)

Sample headshots taken during a filming day:

Sample behind-the-scenes photos taken during a filming day:

Sample still images taken from Brand Story Video b-roll footage:

If you would like to add one of these special photo shoot packages
to your upcoming video shoot, email us today!

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