Should You Use AI for Video Creation?

Should You Use AI for Video Creation? In today's digital landscape, many content creators are asking, "Should you use AI for video creation?" AI has certainly made waves in various industries, and its integration into content marketing is no exception. AI offers substantial time-saving benefits, especially in video production. But it's also important to

Is It Time To Pivot Your Business?

This is a crazy time in our history. What's happening right now is not something that you can truly prepare for, or even anticipate. We are definitely breaking new ground in our world, and that means that we need to be prepared to break new ground in our businesses as well. So how can

Your Videos are Like Mini Soldiers

Are you working to build connections online? Your videos will help you leverage your time and connect with others when you can't. They are constant connections between you and your customers, and are reaching out to people day and night, rain or shine. Your videos are creating relationships and introducing people to you and

Facebook Changes: What it Means for You

What does Facebook's algorithm for newsfeed changes around connecting with family and friends really mean to your business? The bottom line is this: Business Pages are getting less organic reach. Facebook is committed to showing you more friends and families in your feed, and lessening the posts from Business Pages.  Facebook was created for

I’m Afraid To Be On Camera!

Are you letting the fact that you're afraid to be on camera prevent you from leveraging the incredible power of online video to grow your business? Watch this episode of "Let's Talk Video!" to change your mindset and get EXCITED about stepping into the spotlight, and becoming the face & voice of your brand!

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