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The Importance of Sharing Your Story On Video

What sets you apart from your competitors? You do! Sharing your story, why you do what you do, and what you feel makes you different is a huge part of your brand. The more your customers know about you by putting yourself out there, the more trust they put in you. After all, people like to buy from people.  Is there a part of [...]

The Importance of Sharing Your Story On Video2018-06-13T11:46:32+00:00

The Importance of Investing in Your Business

As business owners, we are wired to be focused on money. Money coming in and money going out. How you spend money can affect how you attract money. Investing money on your own business can attract more money coming into your business. Money is a form of energy. When you make an investment in your business you are making an energetic commitment to your [...]

The Importance of Investing in Your Business2018-06-04T16:04:50+00:00

Your Videos are Like Mini Soldiers

Are you working to build connections online? Your videos will help you leverage your time and connect with others when you can't. They are constant connections between you and your customers, and are reaching out to people day and night, rain or shine. Your videos are creating relationships and introducing people to you and your brand over and over again. Compare the one-time cost [...]

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Facebook Changes: What it Means for You

What does Facebook's algorithm for newsfeed changes around connecting with family and friends really mean to your business? The bottom line is this: Business Pages are getting less organic reach. Facebook is committed to showing you more friends and families in your feed, and lessening the posts from Business Pages.  Facebook was created for the purpose of maintaining connections between people. While it was [...]

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What Kind of Video Should I Do For My Business?

What kind of video should you make for your business? The type of video you choose to create depends on the goal you want to achieve. Selling a product? Informing of a brand? Education?  Your video should be as intentional and specific as possible. Your audience should know exactly what you are trying to say. Are your videos a hodgepodge of messages you want [...]

What Kind of Video Should I Do For My Business?2018-07-14T17:22:41+00:00

The Biggest Mistake People Make with Online Video

Are you making this online video mistake? It could be costing you leads and customers who want to know you, your product, and your brand! In this day and age, video is the one of best ways to establish, strengthen, and maintain a rapport with your customers. And if you're not maintaining continuous contact with them, how strong is your relationship with them? What [...]

The Biggest Mistake People Make with Online Video2018-06-04T15:58:45+00:00