Would you consider moving if you realized that the neighborhood you were living in was not supportive of who you are as a person, and what you’re up to in this world?

Or would you consider cutting off your relationship with a significant other or family member if they didn’t believe in you and your dreams, and their negativity was preventing you from being able to reach your full potential?

How far would you go to make sure you were able to stay on track with what YOU WANT in life? That’s what we’re talking about in today’s video PSA.

Who do you spend the most time with?

We’ve all heard that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. So that makes you think – who are you currently giving your time to?

And how important are your relationships and your surroundings to your success?

We saw a post on social media the other day that said that the tuition cost alone for Harvard right now, in 2020, is over $49k per year. That’s nearly $200k for a 4-year degree… just for tuition – not counting room and board! Why do people spend that much?

It’s because where you spend your time, who you associate with, the relationships you build and keep, completely and totally shape who you become, and impact ALL the results you create in your life.

Building key relationships

When you go to a school like Harvard, you get the opportunity to build relationships with powerful and successful people, and people who have connections to other powerful and successful people. Because, guess what? Successful people hang out with other successful people.

Yes, you get a great education, but it’s also so much about the relationships you have the opportunity to create by being a student at Harvard. That’s what people are paying $200,000+ for.

And you also get the ability to use the name Harvard, which carries a lot of weight, and has a certain perception that comes along with it – like, “Wow – you went to Harvard? You must be powerful and successful, and know powerful and successful people!” Or, “You must be really smart!”

In either case, people want to know more about you because of that association.

Get into action

The fastest path to your success is to hang out with people who are up to big things. That’s where your best ideas will come from. That’s where your best connections and collaborations will come from. That’s where you will stay in the right energy to create what you want. If you hang out with winners in life, you will become a winner in life. It’s really that simple.

And speaking of hanging out with people who will inspire you to take action, reach your goals, and create the type of success you really want in your business, that’s exactly why we created Video Attraction Lab.

This is a monthly membership community where we help business owners get into action, and stay in action, doing video consistently for their business. You might say we are creating a bunch of video winners, eh? Yes, we are!

Accountability is essential

Because it’s all about making monthly PROGRESS in a simple and doable way, which is how you ultimately get to WIN at anything. And it’s also about being in a supportive environment with like-minded business owners who will help you stay motivated and inspired, and most of all accountable to doing the things YOU SAY you want to do, that are going to get you the results you actually want.

This is for people who don’t just want to talk about what they want to do… it’s for those of you who actually want to do it!

We only open up enrollment a few times each year, so if you are inspired to learn more, go to VideoAttractionHQ.com to join the waitlist, to be notified when enrollment opens for Video Attraction Lab.

And in the meantime, stay safe, stay well, and stay inspired to step into your entrepreneurial greatness with video!

Steve & Jaime Geffner

Steve & Jaime Geffner are video marketing strategists, and an award-winning husband & wife video producing team. They are the creators of Geffner Productions, where they inspire business owners to step into their greatness with video. Since 2010, they have produced, filmed and edited over 3,000 online videos for hundreds of business owners, for their websites, blogs, social media pages, online courses, live events, and more.