Should You Use AI for Video Creation?

In today’s digital landscape, many content creators are asking, “Should you use AI for video creation?” AI has certainly made waves in various industries, and its integration into content marketing is no exception. AI offers substantial time-saving benefits, especially in video production. But it’s also important to consider its impact on the emotional connection that videos create with viewers.

First off, we love AI. It’s a VERY useful and time-saving tool. However, you also have to be cautious, especially when it comes to VIDEO and AI.

We’ve been saying for years that the true power of video lies in making an emotional connection with your viewers. Human emotion is what gives video its impact, because video only truly works when the human watching it feels inspired to take action after watching.

The Emotional Power of Video

For example, after watching your video, viewers might want to:

• Learn more about you…
• Opt-in for something…
• Buy something from you…
• Or at the very least, follow or subscribe to see more content.

The action they take is driven by the emotion they feel. This is where AI in content marketing faces its biggest challenge. AI, by its nature, is not “human.” It’s artificial and lacks the innate ability to evoke genuine human emotions.

The Pitfalls of AI in Video Creation

When you use certain AI tools to create content that doesn’t feel human, you risk losing the emotional or human connection that good video brings. This connection is crucial because it’s what motivates viewers to engage with your content and take the desired action.

In Conclusion…

While AI for video creation can be an incredible asset for efficiency and innovation, it’s essential to balance its use with elements that preserve the emotional impact of your videos. Strive to maintain a human touch in your content to ensure it resonates deeply with your audience.

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Steve & Jaime Geffner

Steve and Jaime Geffner are a husband and wife duo and the President & CEO of Geffner Productions. With backgrounds in producing award-winning TV shows like Dr. Phil and Frasier, they bring a wealth of experience to their company. Geffner Productions is a video marketing agency that specializes in helping businesses leverage video to improve their marketing, increase sales, and expand their teams, driving growth and success across multiple industries. Since 2010, they have produced, filmed, and edited over 4,000 online videos for hundreds of business owners, for their websites, blogs, social media pages, online courses, live events, and more. Steve and Jaime inspire business owners to step into their greatness with video, elevating brands and inspiring audiences.