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Project Description

Yvonne Larson
The Neck Work Expert & The Massage Business Academy

Project Description:

As an Elite Level VIP Client we have produced, filmed & edited multiple video projects with Yvonne including: a Brand Story Video for The Neck Work Expert, a Promo Video for The Massage Business Academy, a series of instructional videos about the massage intake process, Branded Marketing Videos for Yvonne’s website, blog & social media pages, a series of “Smart Tips” Videos, a series of Tips Videos called “Balancing Your Business and Your Body”, a series of Tips Videos called “Massage Business Mastery”, a series of Online Program Videos for the “Get More Now Program”, and a series of Testimonial Videos.

Yvonne’s Online Program Video

Yvonne’s Brand Story Video

Yvonne’s Tips Video

Yvonne’s Promo Video

Yvonne’s Branded Marketing Video